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Saudi Cup Races Off in Style: Traditional Fashion Takes Center Stage

NewsSaudi Cup Races Off in Style: Traditional Fashion Takes Center Stage

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – February 24, 2024 – The 5th edition of the Saudi Cup this weekend in Riyadh isn’t just about heart-pounding horse races. The prestigious event witnessed a dazzling display of traditional Saudi fashion, adding a touch of cultural elegance to the festivities.

From bespoke creations by renowned designers to bold, individual statements, guests arrived in head-turning attire. Princess Nourah Al-Faisal, special advisor to the chairman of the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia, exemplified the spirit of the occasion. Her intricately embroidered tulle covering and robe, designed by Art of Heritage, embodied the essence of Saudi heritage with its meticulous detailing.

The event isn’t merely a showcase of established designers and a platform for modern interpretations of traditional attire. A vibrant spectrum of colors filled the venue, with guests sporting kaftans adorned with intricate embroidery and gemstone-encrusted burqas. This fusion of tradition and contemporary flair demonstrated the evolving landscape of Saudi fashion.

saudi cup 2024 (AN Photo/Huda Bashatah)
Photo Courtesy: (AN Photo/Huda Bashatah)

“The Saudi Cup is not just about horse racing,” said Princess Nourah, speaking to Arab News. It’s also about showcasing our culture and heritage to the world.” This sentiment resonated throughout the event as attendees embraced the opportunity to celebrate their cultural identity through fashion.

The emphasis on traditional attire aligns with the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to promote and celebrate Saudi culture on a global stage. The Saudi Cup’s blend of high-octane racing and cultural pride is a testament to this ongoing endeavor.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Saudi Cup fashion showcase served a deeper purpose. It is a celebration of heritage, a platform for individual expression, and a testament to the evolving tapestry of Saudi culture.