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Tea Day event at Madinah University Highlights The Diversity of Traditions and Cultural Heritage

LifestyleTea Day event at Madinah University Highlights The Diversity of Traditions and...

Madinah- The way of preparing tea is part of people’s culture and national heritage that they are proud of. What societies inherit from one generation to another symbolizes their traditions and customs.

The Cultures and Peoples’ Festival showed numerous ways of preparing tea, considered the most consumed drink globally.

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The areas of planting tea and the timings of reaping it differ from place to place. So do its methods of preparation among countries and peoples.

Yet, they constitute the central element of a symbol of hospitality and food banquets.

The 10th version of the festival saw the participation of students from the Islamic University of Madinah from more than 100 nationalities.

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It represents a platform for cultures and an incubator for human heritage. It served as a window to get acquainted with their traditions.

The festival at University of Madinah, sheds light on various lifestyles in different countries, cultures, history, and practices.

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Also on the top traditional dishes and fashions of each country, and what their people enjoy a unique cultural heritage. — SPA

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