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The Taif Rose Festival Draws A Million Visitors

LifestyleThe Taif Rose Festival Draws A Million Visitors

Taif: Taif Rose Festival’s conclusion set new records during its second edition. The festival saw significant growth in its visitors, as many as 957,000 people from different segments of society.

These included residents of Taif and tourists. These people visited the Taif Rose Festival during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

The Ministry of Culture celebrates the Taif Rose Festival. A showcase for Taifs cultural, heritage, and creative values of nine centuries.

The festival showcased more than 50 diverse activities, including live artistic and musical performances, folk items, shows, and many other events adorned with the fragrance of roses.

The venue, decorated with rose sculptures, hanging chandeliers, and baskets of roses saw visitors pose for souvenir pictures. In addition, enjoy cultural street activities.

The festival will develop the skills and empower the people of Taif. It develops their rose cultivation and production skills. Additionally, it gives sustainability to this promising economic sector.

A cultural symbol of Taif and well known for thousands of years. The skill development is imparted through practical applications and managed by a group of professional trainers.

The festival was managed by over 700 young men and women from the Taif governorate. Its management and organization and the various locations of its five events enhanced their skills and opened their horizons to discover promising opportunities in event management and organization.

In terms of defining cultural identity at the global level, the “Taif Rose Basket” was recorded as one of the festival’s activities as the largest in the world, according to the Guinness World Organization certificate, breaking the record for the basket of roses registered as “Singapore Rose Basket.”

The dimensions of the Taif rose basket were 12.129 meters in length, 7.98 meters in width, and 1,297 meters in height, while the dimensions of the Singaporean rose basket were 9.47 meters in length, 6 meters in width, and 1.2 meters in height.

The Ministry of Culture organized the Taif Rose Festival to celebrate the cultural, heritage, and creative values of Taif Rose for nine centuries.