Visiting Umluj: The Best Decision You Can Make

Visiting Umluj might be the best decision you’ve ever taken; especially if you’re a nature lover. Here’s Why

Umluj (pronounced um-looj) is a town right next to the Red Sea, about 150 km from Yanbu, and a secret paradise. This is the closest thing to a tiny, cozy paradise on earth, especially if you’re someone who loves the beach.

Filled with pristine beaches, sparkling water, and fluffy sand, this is the town you visit when you need a break from everything around you.

Its comfortable resorts, high-end beaches, and waters filled with the most lovely marine life are sure to make your getaway a memorable one.

On top of being filled with breathtaking sites, visiting Umluj is also very affordable and cheap. This is because, currently, Saudi Arabia has only started developing its tourism.

This means there are tons of great packages to avail, those too at amazing prices, especially for western tourists.

Moreover, the beaches are quiet and peaceful due to them being virtually empty all year round. Even in the peak time of the summer months, it’s not half as crowded as you’d expect it to be. 

With that in mind, let’s expand on it a bit and explore why visiting Umluj is actually such a great idea. 

The Beaches 

Obviously, this takes the cake. Umluj is full of coastal beaches that are the epitome of beauty.

The beaches are lined with palm trees that are fed by springs located slightly up north in ‘Koff’ between the sea and mountain ranges.

While the palm trees keep you cool and give you shade, the beach is full of the most pristine white sand you’ve ever seen.

It is famously compared to cotton candy with its fluffy, smooth texture and its slightly enlarged appearance.

The white sand compliments the cyan turquoise shade of the sea perfectly. The waves sparkle in the sun and are completely see-through owing to the cleanliness of the area. The sea draws more uniqueness from the fact that it barely mixes with other bodies of water like nearby seas and rivers.

Overall, the beaches are absolutely perfect for someone looking to unwind or just laze around and take in the view. 

Marine Life and View 

Sea-lovers will be ecstatic to find out that visiting Umluj gives them access to the perfect bodies of water to swim and explore in.

You can hire a boat to visit the nearby islands to be able to swim and snorkel under the water and take in the sight of the colorful coral reefs.

At some distance from the shore, you can find fringing reefs lined with high-branched corals. 

Under the water, a bit deeper in, you can find almost 300 different species of hard coral in the Red Sea. This is about twice as much as those found in the Caribbean sea. Moreover, the exotic colors and shapes are enough to rival those found in more popular spots like the Indian Ocean. 

Coral reefs aren’t all you see underwater though. Divers are shocked at the sheer amount and variety of marine life in these reefs. The Red Sea is the only home to almost 10 percent of the world’s fish species.

These thin, flatfish come in such striking colors that you’re never going to want to leave the sea. With electric blues and shocking yellows, deep reds, and striking magenta, the absolute variety of these fishes is enough to leave most people shocked and in love. 



In sharp juxtaposition to the seas, Umluj is also home to tons of volcanoes and lava fields. At a distance of two hours from Umluj, you’ll find Jabal Abiyadh (White Mountain) which is the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia.

Very close by is its sister, Jabal Bayda (White Sister Mountain) which is exactly 1000m shorter than her brother. 

More popular spots include Harrat Lunayirr, a dormant volcano, and Jabal Qidr, the latter being very close to Jabal Abiyadh.

Here, you can see the lava flow patterns that are left imprinted in the ground both more recent and centuries old. The dramatic view is only heightened by the striking red, white, and coal colored patterns in them. 

Nature Reserves 


In the north of Umluj lie huge expanses of land dotted with high-rising mountains and streams. These land areas are dedicated to the migratory birds and wildlife of Umluj and have been converted into a nature reserve for them.

These areas draw in nature-loving tourists like magnets and we’re not surprised considering how beautiful and expansive both the area and the species over there are. 

Some popular nature reserves include: 

  • Tabuk Wetlands 
  • Al Tubaiq Nature Reserve 
  • Al Khanafa Wildlife Sanctuary 

Archaeological Sites 

Umluj lies in the Tabuk region which is full of ancient archaeological sites and relics. From wall paintings and inscriptions to forts and tombs and even palaces, there’s probably nothing that you can’t find here.

Moreover, many religious routes passed through this region and have left artifacts that can be frequented. 

Some notable sites include Al Ula, Tabuk Castle, Mada’in Saleh, and Ayden Cave homes. Most of these are sites that house ruins and proof of civilization thousands of years ago.

Al Ula (or now know as Al Deerah Heritage Village) is one of the people’s major reasons to be visiting Umluj in the first place. It is one of the greatest archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia and there’s no wonder why. 

Excellent Weather Year-Round 

Umluj boasts excellent weather conditions despite being in a desert region due to its closeness to the sea. It is located in an Arig region with less than 1 inch of rainfall per year, however, except for July to September, all months are quite well-regulated.

January to March sees an average daytime temperature of 32 C and 13 C at night. April to June gets a bit warmer with an average daytime temperature of 37.5 C and 14 C at night.

However, these temperatures are accompanied by cold sea winds and less humidity that makes it more bearable. The best time to visit is usually between January to March. 

Added Health Benefits 

Travel generally reaps health benefits both to the body and mind. However, the location and experiences in Umluj are such that it increases the health factor and leaves you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

The tranquility and silence at night is one that helps you fall asleep a lot faster than you usually would. It is also excellent for treating messed-up sleeping patterns or even insomnia.

Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to relax and let yourself go which stimulates further growth of the mind, improves memory, heightens your natural responses, and reduces stress. 

Where you visit plays a huge impact in how you feel physically and mentally. Umluj is the perfect destination for someone who needs to catch a break and get away from hectic daily life.

Moreover, Saudi is generally a lot safer than most countries, and this holds especially true for Umluj. It is a town that is a lot quieter and kept away from the large city centers which eliminates the fear of safety.

This greatly helps relax people and get back on their feet without any worries. Especially for their own safety, their families safety, or the safety of their possessions. 


And with that, we conclude this piece on why visiting Umluj should be on your bucket list. We hope you found this informative and convincing and we wish you the best of luck on your trip! For more such content, please visit our website

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