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Top Indian Restaurants in Riyadh You Must Try

LifestyleTop Indian Restaurants in Riyadh You Must Try

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Are you craving the rich, spicy flavors of Indian cuisine in Riyadh? Look no further. 

We’ve scoured the city’s top-rated Indian restaurants. From classic dishes like butter chicken and biryani to lesser-known regional specialties, these restaurants will satisfy your taste buds.

Zafran Indian Bistro

Zafran Indian Bistro is known for its vibrant and beloved Indian eateries and has three branches in Riyadh. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes that are full of flavor, from mild to spicy and sweet, catering to different preferences of customers.

Their most popular dishes include Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, and Biryani with different meats. Additionally, guests can enjoy all-time favorites of Indian sides like samosas and naan bread, mint, and plain chapatis, and various yogurt dippings with ingredients like cucumbers and mint. 

The cozy dining room with its mixture of warm and bright colors and comfortable seating options adds to the overall dining experience. The professional servers take your Order, and you can watch the chefs go to work in the open kitchen. 

Zafran Indian Bistro is a top contender in the growing number of Indian restaurants in Riyadh, having already won multiple awards for its exemplary service.

  • Located in Rubeen Plaza
  • Address: Nortern Ring Br Rd, Hittin, Rubeen Plaza, Ground Floor, Exit 2 Off, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Website: Zafran Indian Bistro
  • Contact: +966 11 562 2229
  • Service Options: Dine-in, Takeaway, No-contact delivery
  • To Order: Zafran Indian Bistro | مطعم زعفران, hungerstation
  • The restaurant opens seven days a week from 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM


Amaly Indian Restaurant in Riyadh is a top contender for upscale Indian cuisine with a view. Their beautiful outdoor arrangement, complete with a picturesque view of the street and palm trees, makes it a hotspot in cooler weather and an ideal place to celebrate special occasions. 

The menu offers an extensive range of dishes, from classic biryanis, tandoors, curries, and naans to plant-based options, ensuring a delightful experience for every taste bud. 

Their most popular dishes include rogan gosht lamb, chicken Nizami biryani, and Punjabi-style samosas, all of which are delicious.

Amaly also offers an impressive selection of drinks to complement your meal, including hot and cold cocktails and smoothies. Their dessert menu includes contemporary and traditional Indian sweets, such as Gulab Jamun and Saffron Rasmalai.

With its fusion of luxury Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, this restaurant is a favorite among well-heeled patrons with excellent taste. 

  • Located in: Veranda F&B
  • Address: Nortern Ring Br Rd, Al Ghadir, Riyadh 13311, Saudi Arabia
  • Website: Amaly
  • Contact: +966 55 353 2515
  • Service Options: Dine-in, Take away, No Contact delivery
  • To Order: hungerstation
  • The restaurant opens seven days a week from 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Ruhi Indian Cuisine

Ruhi Indian Cuisine offers a variety of flavorful dishes, perfect for those looking to indulge in some delicious Indian food. From biryani to pulao, palak paneer to butter chicken, the menu is full of flavorful options that satisfy any craving.

For those who love seafood, the tandoor-grilled options are a must-try, including dishes like prawn tandoori and fish tikka. For meat lovers, curries like tikka masala and Tiranga Murg are sure to please, while vegetarians can enjoy fried vegetable kebabs and mixed grilled vegetables.

With a diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere, Ruhi Indian Cuisine is a perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones.

  • Located in: The Zone
  • Address: The Zone، 7236 Al Takhassousi, Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh 12362, Saudi Arabia
  • Website: Ruhi
  • Contact:  +966 50 003 9406
  • Service Options: Dine-in, Take away, No Contact delivery
  • To Order: hungerstation
  • The restaurant opens seven days a week from 12:00 PM to 1:30 AM

Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe is a restaurant that wants to make Indian food trendy again. The name “Farzi” means creating an illusion, which they do with their food. 

They take traditional dishes from India and worldwide, making them modern and fancy with unique presentations and cooking styles.

At Farzi Cafe, you’ll have a fancy dining experience with a mix of Indian and global cuisine in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. 

They want you to enjoy not just the taste but also the sight and smell of the food. The restaurant has a lively vibe that will make you feel energized.

Farzi Cafe is known for its modern twists on classic dishes and its delicious traditional Indian cuisine. Their menu includes popular dishes such as Murgh Malai Kebab, Lamb Mandi, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Daal Makhni, sure to please anyone who loves authentic Indian food.

  • Address: The Residence, Hittin, Riyadh 13514, Saudi Arabia
  • Website: Farzi Café
  • Contact: +966 9200 18177
  • The restaurant opens seven days a week from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM

Maharaja East

Maharaja East is an authentic Indian restaurant in the eastern part of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

The restaurant is known for its fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine and typically offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The menu at Maharaja East offers a wide range of dishes to choose from. Punjabi butter chicken, Classic Punjabi chicken tikka, chicken biryani, and malai samosas are some of the popular dishes here that are bound to leave you craving more. 

The restaurant also offers delicious desserts and refreshing beverages to complete your dining experience.

The restaurant is popular among locals and expatriates in Riyadh who enjoy Indian food and has received positive reviews for its quality of food, reasonable prices, and friendly service. 

If you are in the area and looking for a taste of India, Maharaja East is worth checking out!

  • Address: 8468الملك محمد الخامس, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12223, Saudi Arabia
  • Website: Maharaja East, By Vineet Bhatia’s
  • Contact: +966 11 464 6161
  • Service options: Dine-in, Takeaway, No-contact delivery
  • To Order: hungerstation
  • The restaurant opens seven days a week from 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM