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Effortless Iqama Update at Al Ahli Bank (NCB): Streamline Your Proces

Laws & RegulationsEffortless Iqama Update at Al Ahli Bank (NCB): Streamline Your Proces

Are you looking for ways to update your Iqama expiry in (NCB) Al Ahli Bank? Read this article, which highlights various ways you can do so.

Every Saudi or ex-pat must update their iqama expiry dates in their Bank’s Database to keep their accounts working after updating their iqama expiry. Those who have an account in SNB(formerly known as NCB) Al Ahli Mobile or Online will receive a notification of their Iqama’s expiry once they log into their accounts. 

Moreover, in SNB, account holders have the option to update their iqamas one month before the expiry date. 

Different Ways of Updating Iqama Expiry in NCB Al Ahli

There are four ways you can update your iqama expiration date. 

If you want to update it online, you can do so through

  1. NCB(or SNB) Online, that is, Internet Banking
  2. SNB Mobile Application
  3. Quick Pay Card

If you are not comfortable with updating it online, you also can do it through

  1. ATMs
  2. Phone Banking
  3. Visiting an NCB Branch

These methods are discussed in detail below. 

Iqama Update Through NCB Mobile Application

If you do not already have the SNB Mobile application, download it from Playstore/iTunes. Then, follow the procedure explained below.

  • Firstly, log into your SNB Mobile Banking account. 
  • Then, head over to the Menu button. 
  • Several options will appear on your screen. Click on the Personal Info option.
  • Select the ID Expiry Update option.
  • Add the new date in Hijri in the format dd/mm/yyyy. You are required to enter the date according to the Gregorian calendar also. Then click on the Update ID Expiry button.

The system will automatically save your changes in the Bank Database. However, your account will be activated within 24 hours if it is frozen.  

Iqama Update Through NCB Online (Internet Banking)

  • Log into your Al Ahli Bank account. 
  • The left panel of the window has a Settings option. After clicking on this button, select the ID Expiry Update option.
  • Then, a window will appear with your Iqama details. If your Iqama is about to expire within a month, the system will provide you with the option of updating your Iqama. However, if you have already renewed your Iqama, select the Update ID Expiry button.  
  • The Al Ahli system will get your new iqama expiry date and ask you to confirm it. Click the Confirm button to update your expiry through the SNB Online System.
  • Lastly, a message will appear confirming the recent update of your iqama expiry in the banking system.

Iqama Update By Visiting an ATM

Adding to the above methods, NCB members can also conveniently update their iqama expiry using their NCB ATM cards at Al Ahli ATMs. To do so, follow the given steps.

  • Firstly, insert your NCB card into the Al Ahli ATM. Then, enter the PIN code.
  • Go to the Main Menu button displayed on the screen. Select the Next Menu option. 
  • Then, click on the Electronic Services button. 
  • Go to the option that says Update ID expiry date for residents.
  • Enter the new expiry date in Hijri format. Select the Press Here to change button.
  • After updating your iqama expiry in the bank’s system, the ATM will display a message confirming the update.

Iqama Expiry Update Through Al Ahli Phone Banking

  • Call the Al Ahli Helpline number (920001000).
  • To choose your language, dial 2.
  • Then, press * to go to the other login options.
  • Later, dial 4 to log into your account using your iqama number.
  • Enter your Iqama number. 
  • Then, enter the four-digit phone banking code. 
  • Lastly, press 99 to direct your call to an agent. After explaining why you called, the agent will update your iqama expiry through Al Ahli Online Banking System. 

Updating Iqama Expiry by visiting the Al Ahli Branch

You can also visit the nearest Al Ahli branch if you want to update your Iqama expiration date and feel uncomfortable doing so through the procedures mentioned earlier. To find the nearest Al Ahli Branch, search it through Google Maps or use the Branch Locator service offered by Al Ahli Bank.

  • Head over to that branch and get a customer services token from the machine upon arrival at the bank. However, if you are an NCB Wessam Gold Customer, you do not have to take the token.
  • Explain the reason for your visit to the bank officer and provide your Iqama.
  • The officer will get a copy of your Iqama and provide you with a print of the KYC freeze account form.
  • You will have to sign the KYC freeze account form. You can also download this form through the link given.
  • The officer will then update your Iqama expiry date in the SNB Banking System.
  • Also, to confirm your account is active, you can visit any ATM branch and withdraw funds.

Update Quick Pay Card

If you are an Al Ahli Quick Pay cardholder without an account in SNB Bank, you must visit them to update your Iqama Expiry.

However, if you are an Al Ahli Quick Pay user with an account in SNB Bank and have already updated your Iqama expiry online, there is no need to visit the SNB branch to get the expiry updated. The banking system would have automatically updated your Iqama expiry date. 

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