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Detailed Overview of Saudi Arabia Iqama Issuance, Renewal & Fees

Jawazat & MOIDetailed Overview of Saudi Arabia Iqama Issuance, Renewal & Fees

Suppose you visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for work. In that case, if you’re planning to extend your stay (issuance or renewal) and reside there longer than expected, then All You Need Is Iqama!

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What is Iqama? 

The official document issued by the Saudi government serves as your ID and a residential permit for foreign nationals.

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In order to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for a specific period of designated time and work, you need Iqama issuance and renewal time after time.

Is there a limit to your stay with Iqama?

As long as you have the permit issued and renewed timely, you can live there as long as you want.

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How to get an Iqama?

Saudi employers act in the sponsorship of Iqama for the foreign employees it hires. 

Issuance of Iqama fee:

Iqama is issued by Jawazat. You are supposed to pay SAR 650 annually for the issuance and renewal. This payment can be made quarterly. 

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How is it calculated? 

Duration & Fees are as follows:

  •  Three months- SAR 163
  •  Six months- SAR 325
  •  Nine months- SAR 488
  • 12 months- SAR 650 

Work Permit/ Expat levy fee

Besides the Iqama issuance, the Maktab Amal, aka levy fee, is 800 SAR. It goes for a minimum period of 3 months. 

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How is it calculated? 

Duration & Fees are as follows:

  • Three months- SAR 2,400
  • Six months- SAR 4,800
  • Nine months- SAR 7,200
  • 12 months- SAR 9,600

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Expat Dependent Fee:

For any foreign resident in Saudi Arabia, a fee per dependent per month is to be paid. The dependent fee is SAR 400. 

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How is it calculated? 

Duration & Fees are as follows:

  • Three months- SAR 1,200
  • Six months- SAR 2,400
  • Nine months- SAR 3,600
  • 12 months- SAR 4,800

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Iqama renewal terms & conditions

In Saudi Arabia, staying is considered illegal without an Iqama card. We’ve already discussed in this article how to get it issued and the fees that come with it.

Now, in case of renewal, let’s discuss what conditions to meet.

  • Firstly, the Iqama fee is to be fully paid.
  • Expat levy dues to be cleared.
  • Then, if any dependents accompany, all the dependent fees should be paid.
  • Should be traveling with a valid health insurance policy.
  • Finally, there shouldn’t be any traffic penalty on your Iqama number. 

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Your employer can get your Iqama renewal through different apps and portals if all the terms and conditions are successfully met.

Iqama Expiration Penalty

They say, better late than sorry. Iqama expiration and failing to renew it timely means the penalty of 500 SAR the first time.

Then double the penalty, i.e., 1,000 SAR, the second time. By the end of the third time expiry, the holder faces a more significant fine and deportation. 

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Take from the discussion; in this article, we analyze the importance of Iqama and the importance of owning it to reside in KSA.

Other than that, it’s the employer’s responsibility to offer and apply for iqamas for its employees and get them timely renewed.