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Visit Visa Cannot Convert To Iqama

Jawazat & MOIVisit Visa Cannot Convert To Iqama

Riyadh—Jawazat has reiterated that it cannot convert visit visas into iqama residence permits.

The sources spoke on social media reports about the possibility of converting a visit visa into a permanent residency with payment of a fee.

The Jawazat refuted social media claims that converting a visit visa into a residency permit is possible for a fee. It said such claims are untrue and baseless.

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“The instructions given by the authorities in Saudi Arabia do not allow converting a visit visa into an iqama,” the sources said.

The Jawazat sources stated that visit visa holders are prohibited from working in the Kingdom. The violators of the regulations will face punitive measures.

Saif Al-Hakami, a legal consultant, warned about the practices of fraudsters on social media platforms. These fraudsters cheat through false allegations and claims contradictory to the rules and regulations of the country.

The Council of Ministers endorsed the Law for Combating Financial Fraud and Deceit in April last year. According to the law, convicted fraudsters shall be imprisoned for a term not exceeding seven years or a fine of up to SR5 million or both.

Al-Hakami stated the law to punish anyone who incites to commit any of the crimes stipulated in the law agrees with him or helps him.

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Instigators will receive punishment based on incitement, agreement, or assistance if a crime occurs. He added that if the original crime did not happen, the instigator would get half the maximum punishment.