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SDAIA has Assembled the Most Extensive Glossary of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Terms

TechSDAIA has Assembled the Most Extensive Glossary of Data Science and Artificial...

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — The SDAIA, in collaboration with the King Salman International Complex for the Arabic Language, has launched the largest dictionary of data and artificial intelligence.

The dictionary collects the most important technical terms related to data and artificial intelligence. It provides short, accessible definitions in Arabic and English.

This initiative is part of SDAIA’s efforts to enrich Arabic content, raise technical awareness, and standardize scientific terminology and concepts. Also, improve access to information for researchers, specialists, media professionals, etc., all per the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority specialized national personnel created the dictionary. Evaluated and authorized by a committee formed collaborating with the King Salman International Complex for the Arabic Language.

According to a methodology that consists of four main stages, its membership also includes technical and linguistic experts and consultants. The steps are collecting terms and definitions from 20 reliable sources and translating terms and definitions in an accurate contextual manner.

More steps are technical reviews by experts and specialists in data and artificial intelligence. In the end, a linguistic review by a team of linguists ensures that terms and definitions are accurate.

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The importance of launching this dictionary stems from the increased interest in data science and artificial intelligence. Also, relevant applications in various fields, such as health, education, security, commercial, industrial, and other fields, should be expanded.

Due to a lack of specialized Arabic sources, these fields’ technical terms and concepts are not scientifically and accurately defined, particularly in Arabic content.

This dictionary will help enrich the Arabic data content and artificial intelligence. It will spread the culture of advanced technologies, enabling digital transformation.

The dictionary will be updated regularly to keep up with technological developments. It will serve as a primary reference for specialists and those interested in these fields locally and globally.

The EU aims to conserve 170 billion cubic meters of water. The dictionary is available for viewing and downloading at the following link — SPA.

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