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The Arabian Leopards of Oman, book by Andrew Spalton, having thirty years of experience in wildlife conservation.

“Revered for its majesty, held in awe for its power, the Arabian leopard is the picture of perfection and the most alluring animal to walk the deserts of Arabia.”

— Andrew Spalton


A celebration of a magnificent creature; The Arabian leopard (Panthera pardus nimr). This subspecies has distinct features that are the result of thousands of years of evolution; making it perfectly suited to the deserts and mountains of Arabia.

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An essay by wildlife conservationist Andrew Spalton charts the animal’s epic journey from Africa to Arabia; over the course of half a million years, highlighting its history and its current, critically endangered status.

Unfinished tombs at Hegra. © Robert Polidori
1 Map of Saudi Arabia charting the former range of the Arabian leopard illustrated by Rafael Alterio. © Rafael Alterio
Artwork featuring an Arabian leopard in AlUla by Ignasi Monreal. © Ignasi Monreal
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The imagery of the Arabian leopard as a symbol of strength, freedom, and fearlessness has been found in ancient rock art, mosaics; and paintings over the centuries, cementing its position as a revered and respected animal in Saudi Arabia and the world.

The Royal Commission for AlUla has been focusing on wildlife conservation to protect this subspecies through the creation of the Arabian Leopard Fund. The key to these efforts is raising awareness about these beautiful cats, to galvanize local and international support for their protection.

Arabian leopard photographed by Aline Coquelle.
© Aline Coquelle
A ceramic bowl with a leopard, Iran, early thirteenth century.

To this end, two editions of the books are available on Assouline —a Classic; and an Ultimate—featuring original artworks and photographs that capture the enduring spirit of the Arabian leopard. Both editions will be launched on the occasion of Arabian Leopard Day on February 10th, 2022.

Artwork of Arabian leopards by Deborah Desmeda.
© Deborah Desmeda/
Artwork of an Arabian leopard by Ruben Alterio.
© Ruben Alterio

Andrew Spalton has thirty years of experience in wildlife conservation, with a specific focus on Arabian leopards. He co-authored The Arabian Leopards of Oman (2014) and remains involved in the conservation of these endangered subspecies.

Classics: 10 x 13 in – 25 x 33 cm | 184 pages | 100 illustrations | hardcover | ISBN: 9781649800794 | $95 – €95 – £70

Ultimate: 16 x 19 in – 40.5 x 48 cm | 188 pages | 100 illustrations | hard-crafted volume in a luxury clamshell case | ISBN: 9781649800800 | $995 – €920 – £775

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