Top 10 Online Platforms to Enter for Online Learning

We hope these leading online learning platforms assist you in an enhanced learning process the same way they have millions of people around the globe. Happy learning!

Learning within classrooms has been troublesome in recent years due to the Covid-19 surge throughout the globe. Teachers from all over the world are giving it their all to keep learning fun and productive, even when it’s through a screen. However, it’s no news that setbacks are there to the online learning process. 

Need is the mother of all inventions, and similarly, entrepreneurs from across the globe realized the need to enhance the online learning process.

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The platforms that came into being allows students to learn at their speed and choose from countless courses by world-class teachers, scholars, and institutes. Here are the top 10 picks for you to upgrade your learning and excel at life with good education and skills.


Can’t go to Harvard and MIT? Why worry when Harvard, MIT, and many more can come to you. What was essentially a long-shot experiment by professors from Harvard and MIT turned out to be a revolutionary step in the education sector, known as edX.

edX online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

It offers a broad spectrum of courses in Computer Science, Humanities, Languages, and countless more. Since it came into being, edX has kept its promise of providing high-end education for students around the globe.

Besides nourishing learners, it also upgrades the teaching process, whether online or on campus. From C Programming to Child Development, Economics to Epidemics, and Shakespeare to Spanish, learning in all aspects has been made easy by edX. 

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Unlike most learning platforms, Edureka isn’t a laid-back approach to learning. From courses themselves to assignments to carefully curated curriculums, nothing about Edureka isn’t challenging.

Edureka! online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

However, those who work hard get the payoff. It’s their committed scholars who teach relentlessly with sheer determination.

At the end of your respective course, you have the skills and knowledge to exceed in life, along with a certification to upgrade your portfolio.


CreativeLive provides precisely what its name suggests; a platform to live your life creatively. It provides you with the tools to enhance your skills in any artistic endeavor you want to pursue.

CreativeLive online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

Along with their most widely taken courses in photography, CreativeLIve also provides enhanced learning in drawing, posing, graphic designing, etc.

That’s not all! To find an effective solution for the financial anxieties of almost every artist, CreativeLive also provides courses in entrepreneurship, communication skills, and many more that will make you a thriving artist.


Coursera made what once felt like a dream come to life. World-class education by professors and teachers from one of the most renowned universities for free.

Coursera online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

Yes! You heard that right. Coursera offers countless courses in all fields of education and degrees and certification in exchange for your time and dedication only.

Since its foundation in 2012, Coursera has remained true to its belief that education is the solution to any problem, thus should be provided to every individual and organization. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is an infamous name for the internet community and has its online learning platform. It provides free online courses in an array of fields. Its most famous course in Career Development has around 17 million registered students.

LinkedIn learning online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop
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Yes, we know the name sounds like ‘audacity.’ Udacity aims at being audacious for the students. It helps determined learners achieve in-demand skills and get into professions they have always dreamed of.

Udacity online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

For increased mobility and ease for students, Udacity also has a mobile application.


Many online platforms have great scholars and professors to teach students. So does Udemy, but what sets it apart from other platforms is that Udemy’s instructors are, in real-time, people determined to teach their students.

Udemy online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

Moreover, to maintain its excellent customer service, Udemy has carefully curated FAQs to answer any and every question you have. In the worst-case scenario, if you can not find the answer to your query in their categorized FAQs, you can always leave a question in the support section. 


There has been a flaw in the learning process for the longest time. Schools, colleges, universities, and similar institutes provide students with bookish theoretical knowledge in most cases.

This knowledge, without a doubt, is an essential aspect of the learning process. However, practicality and in-field learning is just as important, if not more. This is why Arcadium is one of its kind.

Arcadium focuses on digital marketing, and its curriculum comprises detailed courses along with internships (unpaid) in the respective fields as your courses.

This provides students to learn the theoretical side of the coin and gain first-hand experience of how things work.

Hamilton Verstappen Tallest man


Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Technological advancements are happening at a rapid rate in the twenty-first century, resulting in many people not keeping up with the industry.

PluralSight online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

PluralSight saw this problem and aimed to resolve it. It offers detailed courses in all fields of the industry for people trying to catch up to the advancements.

Their curriculum consisting of research, assignments, and assessments allows determined learners to be at their best.


Knowledge and skills are fundamental to success in life, but good certification. Certifications allow you to formally present your skills and expertise to potential employers, who then judge you on the certificate’s credibility.

ExpertRating online-platforms-learning-courses-certification-Saudiscoop

ExpertRating is a leading platform in assessing skills and providing valid certification. The platform offers well-designed courses to enhance the learning process and widely acceptable credentials at the end.

Moreover, you can keep growing your well-balanced arsenal of skills and certificates at very affordable prices with Expert Rating.

We hope these leading online learning platforms assist you in an enhanced learning process the same way they have millions of people around the globe. Happy learning!

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