Getting The Cheapest Health Insurance For Expatriates In KSA (Tameeni)

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In Saudi Arabia you need an expatriate health insurance plan to enjoy state of the art health facilities with Tameeni health insurance plans.

More than 12 million expatriates call Saudi Arabia their home. The country has a lot to offer: a flourishing economy, well-paying jobs, state-of-the-art healthcare, etc. However, you need an expatriate’s health insurance plan to enjoy these state-of-the-art health facilities.

Medical insurance is mandatory in KSA for everyone, including expatriates, under the Cooperative Health Insurance Law of KSA (1999).

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Saudi Arabia used to provide free healthcare for all residents and expatriates alike till 2005. Since then, the government decided that free healthcare for all was unsustainable, and thus only Saudi citizens enjoy that privilege.

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However, expatriates must show proof of insurance to get their Iqamas approved.

Expats, if employed, generally receive health insurance from their employer under Article 144 of Saudi Labor Law.

If that isn’t the case, they can purchase a health insurance plan. To get the cheapest health insurance plan, you can use Tameeni.

Tameeni is an insurance company in KSA that helps you get great insurance quotes and buy insurance policies quickly.

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Tameeni can provide you with health insurance policies and related quotes from 20+ partnered verified insurance companies to choose from. 

To get the best quotes on Tameeni, you will need the following :


  • The commercial registration number of your employer
  • Your sponsor’s ID
  • The employer’s VAT number
  • Your Iqama number
  • A credit/debit card to make a payment
  • The policyholder’s height and weight.

Register for Tameeni Account

To register for a Tameeni account, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Tameeni website
  • Click on “menu” and select “login.”
  • Choose “register here.”
  • Enter your Mobile number, email address, and password to register on Tameeeni.
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Once you have registered yourself with Tameeni, you can login to the website and look for cheap health insurance policies.

Getting Cheap Health Insurance

First Step : Company Information

Second Step : Personal Information

  • On the new page, enter your “Member ID(Iqama number).”
  • Enter your Sponsor ID.
  • Select “Basic” as the class of insurance to get the cheapest packages.
  • Basic insurance will bring your iqama renewed.
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Third Step : Additional Information

  • Now the website asks you to provide some additional details.
  • Confirm the details and press the “Confirm and Continue” button.
  • Select the Policy Effective Date(the date from which the policy starts)
  • Enter the Entity Revenue (The employer’s annual sale)
  • Fill out the Health Declaration (Generally, the answer to all the questions is NO)
  • Now enter your weight in kg and height in cm.
  • Now select the “Request Quotes Now” button to get the best and cheapest quotes for health insurance policies in KSA.
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Last Step : Select the best quote

  • Now Tameeni will show you all the best quotes from various partnered companies for health insurance.
  • You can click on the “Sort” icon and select “By Price Ascending” to filter the search results.
  • Select the cheapest policy.
  • Enter your employer’s VAT number.
  • Proceed with the payment with your credit or debit card.
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In short, Tameeni lets you get the cheapest health insurance policies in Saudi Arabia in just four easy steps.

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