Tameeni Insurance: Easy, Affordable, Accessible 

Tameeni Insurance
Finding insurance is much easier when Tameeni Insurance gives you all the best, most affordable options at a single click.

Finding insurance is maybe the hardest thing you can do. It’s exhausting calling up one company after the other, figuring out their police, and getting their quotes. That, too, only for it to be more expensive than anything imaginable. It’s exactly why a lot of insurance agencies are online now. Most of them give you only a form to fill out for a quote. However, even that isn’t ideal, considering the sheer amount of websites and information you have to input repeatedly. This is where Tameeni Insurance comes in. 

Tameeni is a company that helps you get relevant quotes and buy insurance policies instantly. Just input three things, and soon enough, you have a list of the best, most cheap insurance quotes available. It’s just that easy. Tameeni provides care and health insurance and gives you an instant insurance policy and available quotes from 20+ partnered verified insurance companies to choose from. This gives you ease of access and sorts out your options much earlier in the game, and it helps you get proper insurance much faster and a lot more easily. 

Tameeni Car Insurance 

Tameeni gains its popularity majorly through its car insurance programs. It offers two types of car insurance: Third Party Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. Applicants can register themselves and then choose between the two to get quotes easily. However, before doing that, let’s get some things out of the way. 

Third-Party Insurance vs. Comprehensive Insurance 

Third-Party Liability Insurance

Third-Party Liability (TPL) Insurance is financial coverage to the third party in case of injury, legal procedures, or damages to the vehicle. It is the minimum insurance that is required by law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for anyone to be able to drive. It does not cover damages to the insured but only to the third party involved in the accident. 

Comprehensive Insurance

On the other hand, Comprehensive Insurance includes Third Party Liability by default and also offers protection and financial coverage to your vehicle in case of accidents, natural disasters, or driving accidents like drunk driving. 

However, there are certain claims that comprehensive insurance does not cover. If the car you’re using is not authorized for the purpose you’re using it for by the manufacturer, you are not entitled to a comprehensive claim. For example, if you are in an accident transporting machinery or heavy objects above recommended weights in a passenger car, you are not entitled to comprehensive insurance. 

Secondly, accidents caused by careless or negligent behavior are also not covered by comprehensive insurance. If you’re driving on dangerous roads, if you are driving in the opposite direction of the traffic flow, if the accident is caused by driving at the time of red light, or if the damage and/or accident is caused by car racing in a passenger car on regular roads, you are not entitled to comprehensive insurance. 

Third-Party Liability Insurance is less expensive compared to Comprehensive Insurance but is also insufficient to provide compensation for accidents that commonly occur. Comprehensive plans offer you Third Party Liability Insurance as default and go beyond to cover all vehicular damages in most, if not all, scenarios, making it much more useful and practical. 

Tameeni Health Insurance 

Something Tameeni Insurance is less known for is health insurance. This medical coverage is not available to individuals but to Small and Medium Entities (SME). Users can log in with their Monsha’at account, give the required details and get insurance quotes immediately from insurance companies verified by SAMA. 

Once you get a price quote and you find something you might be willing to get, you can apply for that quote that instant and pay through any card or electronic transfer method to avail of it and get all documents available to you immediately. 


Discounts are mostly available for car insurance with utmost certainty. While the same discounts can apply to health insurance as well, it is depending more on the individual company providing it and its policy for discounts and all. The most common and easily available discount for car insurance is a No Claim Discount (NCD). 

No Claim Discount

No Claim Discount is a type of essential discount imposed by SAMA on all insurance companies. This discount can be availed if you have not made any claims with insurance companies in the past. They can go up to 40% and can save you a lot of money if you have a claim-free history with Third Party Liability Insurance. Let’s look at the different percentage levels it can go. 

10% Discount 

Car insurance companies give an extra 10% discount for loyal customers who purchase the insurance premium right after it runs out without waiting for the interval period to be over. The time period determined for you to be eligible for this discount varies with every company. However, it is available with most, if not all, insurance companies. 

20% Discount

Essentially, the discount is based on how long a customer goes without filing any claims. If you haven’t filed a claim in the last year, you are eligible for a discount of 15-20 percent. 

30% Discount 

Much like earlier discounts, this too depends on the proportion of time you’ve gone without filing a claim. If you’ve gone 3 or more years without reporting an accident or filing a claim, you are eligible for a 30 percent discount. 

40% Discount 

You are eligible for a ten percent discount if you renew your insurance from the same company right after its expiry. This is an additional discount. If it is coupled with a 30% discount for not filing a claim or reporting an accident for 3 or more years, you can get a 40% discount on your insurance. 

These discounts are a great policy to encourage safe driving. This encourages people and incentivizes them to continue driving safely. Moreover, it also motivates bad drivers to learn proper driving and get better at it to avail themselves of opportunities and monetary incentives. 

Tameeni Insurance vs. Agent-Found Insurance 

Tameeni aims to give you full control of what you choose for the lowest possible prices. If you’ve gone with agents in the past, you have probably had to pay a much higher cost. This is because the claim itself is more expensive. That, combined with broker and processing fees, ends up being a lot higher than affordable. The process is also a lot slower and gives you very limited options. 

Choosing Tameeni gives you the opportunity to deduct all third-party costs like agent fees and processing fees. Moreover, it is faster, much cheaper, and a lot more effective owing to its large database of insurance agencies. It gives you complete control of what you choose and how that affects you. Additionally, it even allows you to avail the easiest payment options. Tameeni Insurance guarantees your find for insurance to be easy, affordable, and accessible. 

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