How to Check Maktab Amal Fees in KSA

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You can pay your Maktab Amal fee for iqama renewal or issuance online from any authorized bank from Labor Ministry by following these steps. 

A work permit fee. Commonly known as a Maktab Amal Fee in Saudi Arabia, it is required for ex-pat workers to renew their iqama.

Under Saudi Government law, Maktab Amal Fee is always paid to the Saudi Ministry of Labor by sponsors or companies against their employees.

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How to check Maktab Amal fees?

Below is the step-by-step guide given to check your Maktab Amal fee status: 

Step – 1:

Go to the Ministry of Labor’s official website. The website is primarily in Arabic, with English & Urdu versions available.

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Step – 2:

Once the site is open, you can select the third option, “خدمة رخص العمل,” from the drop-down list

Step – 3:

Enter Iqama number/ Border number.

Step – 4:

Fill in the Captcha code and click on بحث

You will get the result at the end of the screen. You can now check your fee status and copy the SADAD number to pay it online.

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  • If you see تم السداد means, Maktab Amal is paid      
  • If you see قيد السداد means, Maktab Amal is due
  • If you see منتهي الصلاحية means, Maktab Amal has expired.
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How to Pay Maktab Amal fees?

You can pay your Maktab Amal fee for iqama renewal or issuance online from any authorized bank from mol. 

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Following are the steps to pay Maktab Amal fee through Al Ahli or Al Rajhi bank. 

Al Ahli bank 

  1. Visit Al Ahli bank online portal and sign in to your account.
  2. After login, select SADAD.
  3. Click on One Time Sadad Payment.
  4. On the new tab, Scroll down to pay the unregistered bill.
  5. In the first biller option, Select Gov. Agencies; on the second biller option, select 050 Ministry of Labor; on the third option, enter the subscriber number. And then click on the proceed button.
  6. Now on the new screen, please enter the amount of fee you want to deposit and click on proceed.
  7. Now Al Ahli bank system will send you an OTP code for verification in your mobile number, enter that code and tap on proceed.
  8. In the new tab, you will see the confirmation message for your payment for Maktab Amal.

Al Rajhi bank

  1. Log into your Al Rakjhi bank account.
  2. Located in the upper right corner, you’ll find three dots.
  3. Special payments.
  4. Press the “one-time payment.”
  5. From the Categories, select Government services.
  6. Select 050 Ministry of Labor.
  7. Enter the SADAD number.
  8. Now, the screen will show your Maktab Amal fees. Click on the payment button.
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Maktab Amal fee 2022

A work permit is available for a minimum of three months for 800 SAR each month.

  • For 3 months fee is SAR 2,400
  • For 6 months fee is SAR 4,800
  • For 9 months fee is SAR 7,200
  • For 12 months fee is SAR 9,600

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