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Professions Restricted for Expatriate Hiring in KSA: Know Before You Apply

Jawazat & MOIProfessions Restricted for Expatriate Hiring in KSA: Know Before You Apply

The working class (employ) of Saudi Arabia (KSA) consists of millions of expatriates from around the globe. Saudis employ expatriates for various jobs and professions, from doctors and engineers to technicians and teachers to maids, drivers, and guards.

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However, according to Saudi labor law, some professions are prohibited from employing expatriates in KSA. These jobs are solely reserved for Saudi nationals. So what are these jobs? We are providing a list down below from the Ministry of Human Resources.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia is a major department with multiple positions expatriates can not hold.

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In the executive regulations of Saudi Labor Law and its annexes, a set of jobs that prohibit the employment of expatriates are specified. The list given includes the following professions.

  1. Senior HR Administrator (Chief HR Manager)
  2. Personnel Manager
  3. Labor and Workers Affairs Manager
  4. Personnel Relations Manager
  5. Personnel Specialist
  6. Personnel Clerk
  7. Recruitment Clerk
  8. Staff Writer
  9. Time Clerk
  10. Public Receptionist
  11. Hotel Receptionist
  12. Patient Receptionist
  13. Complaints Clerk
  14. Treasurer
  15. Private Security Guard
  16. Punter
  17. Duplicator or Key Repairer
  18. Customs Broker

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