Top 5 Best Smartwatches

With significant developments in the models of smartwatches, it can be not very clear to pick out the best one that compliments your style & lifestyle.

Smartwatches have technically been around since 2004 when Samsung released their SPOT (intelligent personal object technology).

But digital smart watches became news when they became compatible with mobile phones in 2014. 

Samsung released the Gear S Smartwatch, and Apple announced its own within a few months.

In the past eight years, these smartwatches have undergone a series of development that has seen each model come out with newer features and functions. 

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Samsung gave their watch a camera of 2MP, and the latest watch can do everything your phone can do and more.

With watches being the perfect fit for your accessory and style needs, it’s essential to see which model or brand of the Smartwatch is a good worth for its price, is suited for you, and provides the most functionality. 

This list of the latest and budget-friendly watches will help you make better decisions about your purchase.

List of Some of The Best Smartwatches in 2023

Apple Watch Series 7($399)

One of the most prominent technological names, Apple’s latest model, goes ahead of its predecessor with a larger display. 

The border width has been shortened, meaning the dial hasn’t increased in size by a lot, meaning it’s not as bulky and cumbersome as we’d expect it to be. 

Its large display enables it to use the QWERTY keyboard and comes in sizes of 45 and 41mm with an array of new colors. It has fast charging via a Magnetic USB-C cord, though it may last a maximum of 18 hours.

The watch also boasts an OLED screen, which reduces the thickness and borders of the display as the touch sensor and display become a unified component. 

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Much like previous models, it has up to 50m water resistance. Once connected to your Apple Pay account, it can be used for making payments and transactions on the go and offering LTE services.

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This enables them to be used for cellular purposes even when your phone is nowhere nearby. But this model comes with a hefty price of $399, an increase of 70 dollars from series 6, and the difference in features is negligible. Nevertheless, the watch is available online or directly from Apple stores.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4($249)

The biggest competitor to the Apple watch series, which might even have more sales, is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch. 

While the Samsung series 4 rolls out with the newest generation of Samsung watches, it’s somehow cheaper than series 3.

Its slimmer and more sophisticated design, a sporty look, and a price tag of $249.99. Although its LTE is optional and costs an extra $ 50, it boasts a more significant battery life of 40 hours. 

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The case, a 3-in-1 health sensor, measures heart rate and conducts ECG tests and body composition. Another advantage that the Galaxy 4 has is its cross-platform functionality.

While it’s optimal to use it with an Android, it can still work with IOS, though with limited features. Available in various colors, such as Black, Silver, Pink, Gold, and Green, with size options of 40 and 44mm. 

It is also swim-proof and has an online GPS, including Samsung Pay. It also comes in a classical edition for $349 with a stainless Steelcase, leather straps, and a rotating metal bezel. You can buy the watch from here.

Fitbit Sense($329)

This top-shelf model produced by Fitbit reigns supreme over the Versa line. It includes various health-related features such as FDA-approved ECG tracking, heart rate monitoring, and detecting skin temperature and electrodermal activity. 

The watch works with both IOS and Android. It has its app store and ‘Alexa.’ This is a step ahead in the brand idea that Fitbit has been putting forth, where it’s no longer just a piece of equipment for tracking steps but rather a holistic health lifestyle companion.

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The sense is made from stainless steel and has a smaller, slimmer, round design. Its super AMOLED screen is just as bright and crisp as the Apple alternatives and easily visible outdoors. 

Three different brightness settings mean you can optimize the battery usage while it already boasts superiority over all its competitors with a battery life of 40 hours.

Apple Watch SE($279)

The value edition of Apple watches, the SE, provides a solid solution when looking for the premium Apple experience but are a bit low on budget or unwilling to buy the original versions. 

Its basic version without LTE costs as much as 120 bucks less than the series 7. There is a difference in features between the two Smartwatches.

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SE version has a smaller display than series 7 but is still 30% larger than series 3. It also doesn’t include the ECG tracker, nor does it have the fast-charging USB-C magnetic cable. 

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Similar to the series 7, it doesn’t have an always-on display. It also includes an LTE version, which costs up to $329.

If the missing features such as ECG, more prominent display, and always-on display aren’t a deal-breaker, the SE watch can be a viable option.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro(249)

While only released in October of 2021, the Amazfit is entirely new, released only last October. It boasts many features that the watches have now, such as blood oxygen level, optical heart sensor, and many sports modes.

It has an exclusive 1-tap health metric feature. With the push of a button, the watch gives out four metrics for health in under 45 seconds. These four metrics are heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress level, and breathing rate.

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The watch has its own Zeppo custom OS. The OS leaves much to be desired, but it’s still helpful with several attributes. 

It also gives you a PAI score similar to Fitbit’s active zone minutes. With a large display, a range of health features, and a long battery life, it’s extremely competitive for its value for money, costing $249.

Which Smartwatch is best for me?

The answer ultimately depends on your requirements and what you want to use for the Smartwatch. 

These smartwatches fulfill different purposes. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy 3 may be more relevant as a formalwear and fashion statement, while the Galaxy 4 makes more sense as a fitness and sports companion. 

Similarly, the Apple series seven may be optimal for office work and providing quick updates and support in a busy lifestyle; those that can sacrifice some features should choose the SE version. 

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An Apple watch should be accompanied by an iPhone OS and the Samsung Galaxy Android phone for perfect compatibility.

It is important to note that many of the features these smartwatches provide are taking over several functions that the mobile phone had already taken over from other accessories.

For instance, GPS tracking, LTE options, and some watches having a camera may replace the mobile phone. But when used appropriately, these two things should complement each other’s use.

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