STC Prepaid Internet Packages 2023

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STC has everything. Call, SMS, internet data & all-in-one bundles. Here we’ll tell all you need about STC Internet Package (prepaid/postpaid)

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STC is one of the biggest telecom operators in the Middle East, with over 19,914,000 mobile users. It offers its users a plethora of internet packages to choose from (prepaid or postpaid).

STC has everything from call and SMS packages (prepaid or postpaid) to internet data bundles and all-in-one bundles. Here we’ll let you know all you need about the STC data bundles.

STC Prepaid Internet Data Sim Packages

STC Monthly Packages

Price with VATDataValidity
SAR 34.51GB + 1GB Social Media1 Month
SAR 74.75 4GB+ 4GB Social Media1 Month
SAR 11525GB + 25GB Streaming1 Month
SAR 195.5100GB +19GB Social Media1 Month
SAR 373.75Unlimited1 Month
SAR 402.550GB Roaming Data1 Month

STC Unlimited Monthly Package

SIM Price with VAT5G InternetValidity
SAR 414Unlimited1 Month

STC Long-Term Packages

SIM Price with VAT5G InternetValidity
SAR 201.2510GB3 Months
SAR 25380GB + 80GB Streaming2 Months
SAR 391100GB + 100GB Streaming3 Months
SAR 517.50300 GB3 Months
SAR 862.5500 GB6 Months

STC Long-Term Unlimited Data Package

SIM Price with VAT5G InternetValidity
SAR 1121.25Unlimited3 Months

The following are recommended:

STC Short-Term Package

SIM Price with VAT5G InternetValidity
SAR 287.520GB Roaming Data1 Week

STC Prepaid Data Sim Renewal Packages

Once you have used up all the data in your data sim, you can also renew the package.

Price with VATDataValidityActivation Code
SAR 23Unlimited1 Dayon mystc app
SAR 109.25Unlimited1 Week2730
SAR 11525GB + 25GB Streaming1 Month2743
SAR 195.5100GB+19GB Social Media1 Month2734
SAR 201.2510 GB3 Months2722
SAR 25380GB + 80GB Streaming2 Months2744
SAR 368100GB + 100GB Streaming3 Months2745
SAR 373.75Unlimited1 Month2726
SAR 517.50300 GB3 Months2728
SAR 862.5500 GB6 Months2731
SAR 1121.25Unlimited3 Months2739


How To Renew The Data Package?

To renew your data package, send the above-mentioned Activation Code to “900”.

How To Check Data Balance?

To check your Data Balance, you Send an SMS with “2220” to “900” or Dial *166#

What Are The Streaming Platforms Allowed?

The streaming services include:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • STC TV
  • Shahid

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