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How to Switch Language in STC SIM 2024

TechHow to Switch Language in STC SIM 2024

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is one of the largest telecommunication SIM service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is the preferred network of millions living in KSA, expats and natives alike.

Even though the native language of the country is Arabic, not all living in KSA are fluent since many people living and working there are expats. 

However, if you have been an STC user for a while, you would have noticed that all the messages you receive from the service are Arabic.

It can be confusing and frustrating for expats, but we have a solution. 

You can very easily convert the language on your STC sim from Arabic to English via these three easy methods:

  • By sending an SMS
  • Via the mySTC app
  • By Calling the STC helpline.

By far, the most convenient method to switch your sim language is by sending an SMS to a specified number.

  • Send SMS 1390 to 900.
  • If your current language is Arabic, it will change to English.
  • If the current language is English, it will change to Arabic.
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Firstly, you must download the mySTC app on your mobile phone. You can download it from the links below:

Sim STC Switch Language Saudiscoop (2)
  • Login to your mySTC account.
  • Select the number you want to log in with (if you have more than one).
  • Click on the Settings option in the bottom right corner.
  • Select Number properties.
  • Select the mobile number.
  • Tap on the Contact Language button.
  • Select the STC language, Arabic or English.
  • Your sim language will be switched shortly.
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If the methods mentioned above are not feasible, you can call “900”, the STC helpline number. You will be asked to follow a few instructions after that.

You will be connected to a customer care representative to help you out, and you can ask the representative to switch your sim language from Arabic to English.

In conclusion, if you are not confident about your newly minted Arabic skills or don’t know the mother tongue, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything important from STC.

Simply switch your sim language to English using the above-described methods to stay on top of all their offers and notifications.