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Top Ranking International Schools in Riyadh

From EditorTop Ranking International Schools in Riyadh

Ex-pats who wish to provide their children with a quality education in Saudi Arabia. Since Arabic is a language that is routinely taught in traditional Arab schools, ex-pats usually prefer to enroll their children in world-class educational (International) institutes instead.

Riyadh is not just the capital of Saudi Arabia, but it is also one of the largest cities in the entire Arabian peninsula. It is a densely populated city, with many ex-pats living in here too.

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Riyadh is a huge city and an administrative center; hence some of the best international schools in the kingdom can be found here.

In this article, we have made a small list of some good schools in the city of Riyadh. If you are a guardian or a parent, this list can help you decide on a school for your wards. 

Saud International School (SIS)

This educational institute came to be in the fall of 1998 in Riyadh and has stayed in the highlights ever since. A thoroughly British and American curriculum based at heart, this international school brings the best of both worlds. 

The primary grades, that is to say, grades 1 through 5, learn on a more American education model. Once the child enters grade 6, the curriculum changes to British, in line for preparation for the IGSCE.

Grade school ends at 10, with A levels then taking the lead for college education. 

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SIS buildings have big rooms, good ventilation, with full air-conditioning. There is adequate security with day-long surveillance, cameras, fire alarms, and more.