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STC Prepaid Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

TechSTC Prepaid Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

To cater to arguably the biggest needs of any consumers in the 21st century – good internet service – STC provides a wide array of internet packages. 

STC is one of the biggest names in the telecommunication industry operating in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia. Like any great company, STC understands the needs and requirements of its consumers. 

From casual internet users to high-end, internet-intensive work, STC makes sure to meet your needs and keep you going. 

For an extra edge for its consumers, STC’s Quicknet prepaid internet packages now offer a 5G network for an enhanced experience. 

You can subscribe to these internet packages through the official website of STC, the official app mySTC, Quicknet vouchers, or SMS. The best-prepaid internet packages offered by STC are below.

25GB+25GB streaming1 monthSR 115
110GB+19GB social media1 monthSR 195.50
10GB3 monthsSR 201.25
80GB2 monthsSR 253
20GB roaming1 weekSR 287.5
100GB+10GB streaming3 monthsSR 368
UNLIMITED1 monthSR 373.75
300GB3 monthsSR 517.50
500GB6 monthsSR 862.50
UNLIMITED3 monthsSR 1121.25

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Did you love your STC prepaid internet packages? Did the validity end? Well, no need to be upset. 

STC offers amazing prepaid internet packages and even more mind-blowing renewal packages at amazing prices. Choose from the renewal packages below and stay connected!

10GB2 monthsSR 201.252729
300GB3 monthsSR 517.502729
100GB+19GB social media1 month SR 195.502734
500GB6 monthsSR 862.502731
UNLIMITED1 monthSR 373.752726
UNLIMITED1 weekSR 109.252730
UNLIMITED3 monthsSR 1121.252739
25GB+25GB streaming2 months SR 1152743
80GB+80GB streaming2 monthsSR 2532744
100GB+100GB streaming3 monthsSR 3682745

With STC, stay connected and free of all internet-related worries. Safe browsing!