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GAMCA Medical Test Status Check 

Jawazat & MOIGAMCA Medical Test Status Check 

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All ex-pats must undergo certain medical tests to get their work visa in Saudi Arabia. If you pass those tests, you will be eligible for a work visa in Saudia. You can get your medical reports status online through GAMCA (Gulf Accredited Medical Clinics Association). You can also check your medical reports through GCCHMC(GCC Health Medical Council).

This article discusses the medical tests you need to undergo. It also discusses how you can check the results online. 

Medical Tests Procedure For Saudi Visa

You must book your appointment through the GAMCA website to get your medical tests done. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Wafid website. (Note that the GAMCA platform is now officially known as the Wafid platform.)  
  •  Then, select your country. Provide any other necessary details as well.
  •  Press the submit button. The system will assign you a medical center automatically.
  •  Then, complete your payment procedure. You will have to pay the fees with a credit card. You will receive a payment slip upon payment of the fee.
  •  Lastly, print the appointment slip. It would be best if you visited the medical center given on the slip on the assigned date and time. 

Requirements for The Medical Tests

Moreover, you need to submit some documents when getting your medical tests done. They may vary with each country. However, usually, these documents include the following:

  • Original passport
  •  Copy of the passport
  •  Appointment slip
  •  Original NIC 
  •  Copy of your NIC
  •  Four passport-size pictures
  •  Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Medical Test Fee for Saudi Visa

The medical fee for a Saudi visa varies with each country. The appointment fee in Pakistan is approximately between Rs.14000-18000. Moreover, India’s GAMCA medical test fee is around INR 5500-6300. Also, it is vital to note that these amounts are subject to changes in the exchange rates of the currencies. However, regardless of the country, the test fee is generally within SAR 300. 

GAMCA Medical Examinations for Saudi Visa

These tests usually involve testing for the following:

  •  Hepatitis B 
  •  Hepatitis C
  •  Microfilaria and Malaria 
  •  Tuberculosis
  •  Chest x-ray
  •  Diabetes mellitus
  •  Psychiatric disease and disorders
  •  Physical disabilities

GAMCA Medical Test for Pregnant Women

The Saudi Embassy has exempted expecting women from radioactive exposure. Therefore, they only need to undergo the following tests: 

  • Blood work
  •  Eye test
  •  Urinalysis

To get the exemption, you are to request a NOC from Etimad. You can do so by submitting the following documents:

  • Your MOFA Visa slip
  •  A filled NOC form
  •  Your doctor’s report of your pregnancy
  •  An ultrasound report

Moreover, you will then receive your NOC in 5 to 7 days. Once you receive the NOC, you are required to visit the medical center.

GAMCA Medical Tests for Children 

Children are to visit certain medical test centers that GAMCA approves. They should bring along the following documents to their visit:

  • Original passport
  •  Two passport-size photos
  •  Their visas

The examiners will check the child’s height and weight during the medical examination. Also, they will look into the vaccination history of the child. They will then issue a medical fitness certificate. No laboratory tests are required.

However, it is essential to note that this applies to children under 12. Also, the medical test fee for children is much less than standard medical tests. 

How to Check the GAMCA Medical Report Status

To check your GAMCA medical report status online, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Wafid online portal. To do so, you can click the link to head over to the portal directly.
  •  Then, enter your passport number.
  •  Select your nationality.
  •  Enter the CAPTCHA code correctly.
  •  Lastly, click on the ‘Check’ option. A new page will appear when viewing your medical report.

Also, click on the PDF button to download a PDF of the report. If the report status says FIT, you can proceed with the Saudi Visa process. 

Moreover, you can also check your report by visiting any GAMCA office. You need to provide the following details to the officer to receive your report:

  • Name
  •  Passport number
  •  Your medical test date

To find the nearest GAMCA center, visit Wafid’s medical clinics list. The link below directs you to the list.

Moreover, you must provide your country and city to know the nearest GAMCA medical center. 

GAMCA Medical Test Result Validity

Your medical examination results will only be valid for three months. Hence, you should get your passport stamped with a Saudi visa within 90 days of the test results.