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Top Taxi Apps In Saudi Arabia 

AutoTop Taxi Apps In Saudi Arabia 

Transport can be a hassle at the best of times and an active blockade at the worst of times. However, with online services at their all-time height, this issue is more easily resolved. Let’s talk a bit about the top taxi apps in Saudi Arabia! 



Careem is an incredibly accessible option available in Saudi Arabia’s biggest pros are its incredible delivery system, guaranteeing your goods get to the right doorstep in a matter of minutes, state-of-the-art mapping tech ensuring that riders take the most appropriate routes, and real-time tracking, ensuring you have eyes on your products or your drivers around the clock.  The payments are also fixed and can vary a bit depending on changes in the route/location.

For the most part, you can expect professional service and experience – we recommend it over taxis if you’re coming for the first time. You can also check this guide to calculate your trip rates.

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uber -

Careem’s rival in the taxi business – Uber – is a solid ride to take as well. Like Careem, it has fixed prices and different choices in vehicles. For women, it has the “Women Preferred View” option, which lets you connect to female riders if you feel more comfortable.

Uber drivers are also fairly knowledgeable about the ideal routes in Saudi Arabia and use GPS navigation, as a rule, to always get you there on time. It is one of the most popular ride apps in the kingdom, used by millions across the country – with locals and foreign immigrants making up its driver base. 

Uber has one of the strongest quality checks in terms of car services. Each driver’s rating is carefully tracked, and complaints are taken incredibly seriously. This is why Uber services are generally highly reliable, with professional and courteous service.

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jeeny ride app - saudiscoop

Jeeny’s strong suit is its reasonable prices and the range of available drivers. For people who need to take a ride daily and find a driver quickly, this is the app. However, customers have experienced poor customer service and wait times from drivers.

Additionally, the available driver range may show you many drivers very close to you, but in actuality, the ones that accept will tend to take a while.

Still, its prices are extremely competitive compared to the others on this list so far. 

Recently, as part of the Vision 2030 plan by the Crown Prince, Jeeny received a fair bit of governmental support, which has helped it establish itself as one of the top ride-hailing apps in the kingdom. 

Jeeny generally doesn’t have the strongest quality checks when it comes to drivers in exchange for their competitive rates. However, the reviews are mostly overwhelmingly positive. The complaint service also ensures that ill-behaved drivers are swiftly taken care of. 

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Bolt has a penalty for canceled rides, which you will have to pay. It is 20% of the original fare. Bolt has prices that are as competitive or even more so than Jeeny, which definitely outdoes Careem and Uber in this regard. You can save up to 20-30 SAR or more. 

However, it is difficult to consistently find riders with Bolt, unlike with Jeeny, where riders are over-available. In terms of Saudi taxi apps, this one isn’t as popular as you would expect. It is not unreliable, though, as you will get knowledgeable drivers and get where you need to go.

Due to its limited driver pool, ensuring quality is easier, making it one of the more professional and quality taxi apps. 

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