Issuance of Baladiya Licenses For Eateries Witnesses A Vast Increase

Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affair stated considerable increase in commercial licenses issued for restaurant, coffee shop & other eateries.

Riyadh — The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announced a considerable increase in commercial licenses issued for restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries.

This increase manifests the boom and enhanced commercial activities witnessed all over Saudi Arabia; following the Kingdom’s successful fight against coronavirus and lifting the pandemic related health restrictions and preventive measures.

The licenses issued for restaurants and related services recorded an increase of 56.44 per cent. In comparison, buffets and cafeterias registered a rise of 96.91 per cent; whereas the licenses for catering services shot up by 89.22 per cent.

The ministry stated that the licenses issued for the activities of beverage; and coffee shops registered an increase of 93.51 per cent. The increase in men’s clothing and tailoring shops was at around 99.7 per cent, while that of automated bakeries stood at 61.77 per cent.

New licenses for fast food outlets also posted an increase; of 48.60 per cent. Meanwhile, other sectors that showed a rise include:

  • Laundry and dry cleaning at 44.31 per cent.
  • Men’s salons at 99.92 per cent.
  • Groceries at 49.62 per cent.

At the same time, licenses for renovations of residential and non-residential buildings registered an increase of 33.97 per cent, Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported.

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A significant requirement for issuing a license is to exhibit the document in a prominent place on the facility premises. It is prohibited to use the permit for another purpose.

It’s not allowed to change the commercial activity or modify the office space by making any additions; or deletions without obtaining approval from the concerned municipality.

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It is not allowed to misuse the licensed facility for activities that create discomfort or harm public health or the environment. A rental contract is required if the applicant is a tenant.

Issuing a new license requires a commitment to address the needs of disabled people. Facilitating their movement and ensuring the availability of appropriate facilities.

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