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Tawakkalna App: Digitalizing health info in KSA

Jawazat & MOITawakkalna App: Digitalizing health info in KSA

Vaccine information has become highly crucial of late. It has seen widespread use in several parts of the world. This is because it monitors the impact of the notorious delta variant of the wild Covid-19 spree.

Saudi Arabia, hence, uses its version of the vaccine passport. It is called a health passport and is used for several things. This passport allows citizens, residents, and tourists to enter public places. It also permits them to travel, given they follow all protocols as closely as possible.

So, what exactly is the Tawakkalna application? And what latest updates of this Saudi vaccine passport are essential? Does it have international recognition? Here is everything you might need to know about the Saudi vaccine passport.

The Tawakkalna app is the official Saudi COVID-19 contact tracing application. Above all, it is a precise and effective digital solution. Moreover, it has the approval of the Saudi Ministry of Health. Although the Tawakkalna app came out over a year ago, a recent update contains a health certificate you must download and fill in. Hence, it keeps all your health information in an abridged version that Saudi authorities can verify. (Read: Getting Healthcare Insurance in Saudi Arabia )

Let’s discuss the health passport and how to download it on your phone. The application is available for use on both iOS and Android systems.

The Health Passport

You can collect all of your information here. Key entries are as follows:

  • Name, Passport Number, and Iqamah details
  • Any PCR history and results
  • Vaccination status
  • Blood group
  • Covid-19 travel insurance and validity

Once you have entered all appropriate information, that’s all. You are in the Saudi health system. This means your data is with the relevant authorities. Hence, unless stated otherwise, you can travel without any restrictions. 

Downloading the Tawakkalna Health Passport

Your Health Passport is a few simple steps away. We are highlighting them below for your ease and understanding. 

  1. Install the Tawakkalna app from your available operating system
  2. Register a Tawakkalna account. Enter all necessary information
  3. Log in to the account 
  4. Health Passport is under the new services. Click on it. 
  5. Scroll down and download the passport
  6. You can print it, too, if the need arises

Pros of the Health Passport

A health passport is a great thing to have at hand, especially if you are on the move. Whether you are traveling within the country or out of the Saudi territory. 

The health passport makes travel procedures a breeze. In addition, it provides all verified information on one platform for authorities to monitor. 

Is the Tawakkalna Health Passport necessary to enter public places?

As of August first 1, Saudi Arabia has placed restrictions on unvaccinated people. Including citizens’ and residents’ entry into public places would be much more difficult now. As a result, this excludes trips to malls, shopping centers, and markets. People need a valid vaccination status to be catered to at service-providing platforms. For instance, restaurants, cafes, dining houses, and beauty salons. 

However, the Saudi government has been kind enough to allow relief for people of compromised health status. These are people who can NOT be vaccinated safely. Moreover, users who register correctly and have an exempted status on their health passports will be allowed access to public venues. They will enjoy the same benefits as completely vaccinated people.

Can the Tawakkalna App be used internationally?

The Tawakkalna Application is a highly thorough piece of work. It is accessible in over 70 countries worldwide. This includes a large part of the Middle East, Africa, and a few countries in Asia. Additionally, it covers most European districts, the United States of America, and Canada.