Al-Muwayh; King Abdulaziz Palace; An Engineering Marvel

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King Abdulaziz Palace at Al-Muwayh, unique Islamic pattern & engineering designs, architectural & historical monument mid-14th century Hijri.

Taif: King Abdulaziz Palace, with its unique Islamic pattern and engineering designs, embodies the mid-fourteenth century Hijri. Located Al-Muwayh Governorate in Al-Taif, the architectural masterpiece is a historical monument of Saudi Arabia.

The palace lies between villages near the Hajj road. It has an estimated area of 14,900 square meters; the palace is almost 185 kilometers away from Taif to the East.

The palace has a solid black wall of rocks one meter thick and 4.5 meters high. Two watchtowers and two castles to the East and North secure the palace.

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The palace has a yard for the Royal Compartment built with rock, gypsum, and protocol halls to receive guests, visitors, and government delegations.

Visitors of the palace can notice its rectangular shape to the castle’s West. It has two entrances.

The main entrance leads to housing and service units, a dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, a palace for guests, and several rooms overlooking an uncovered yard. Its main entrance is on the Northern side.

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Two wells secured water for its occupants. The castle has a mosque, several towers, and a room for preparing coffee. It has a bedroom, a gas station for cars, and another residential palace in the middle of the castle with six rooms.

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The Al-Muwayh palace, built-in 1357 Hijri, had the honor to receive King Abdulaziz during his visits in 1360 Hijri. 

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The palace was known as the central station for Hajj, Umrah, and spending the summer and hunting. The King would meet with the citizens at the palace during his annual visit to the area.

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