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500 Year Old Fortress Discovered In Jeddah

Lifestyle500 Year Old Fortress Discovered In Jeddah

Jeddah — Saudi Arabia announced the discovery of significant archaeological sites in Jeddah. The announcement came at the discovery of a fortress buried for more than 500 years ago.

The archaeological site, called Al-Shouna Heritage Fortress, dates back to 1516 (500 years ago). According to the Saudi Television Channel 1, the site was discovered during the demolitions near Qabil Street in the Balad area. The street is one of the traditional historical markets in Jeddah.

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According to the television report, the ongoing excavation and demolition could lead to further discoveries of historical and archaeological treasures. Riyadh had a flourishing civilization 3,000 years ago and gradually emerged among the major seaports along the Red Sea coast.

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The archaeological site is a part of the old city wall and moat, which was the waterfront in 1516 (500 years ago). Apart from the ancient waterfront of the city, the ongoing demolition work uncovered several other heritage sites.

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Ashraf Kamel of the Historic Jeddah Program said that Al-Shauna is an ancient fortress that had vanished in history. No one knew its location. He indicated that it was the largest fortress on the coast of the Red Sea in its time.

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