Renewal/Re-registration Of SCFHS Mumaris Plus

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Saudi Commission for Health & Services register all Healthcare practitioners. SCFHS created Mumaris Plus, unified portal for all its services

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Commission for Health and Services (SCFHS) registers all Healthcare practitioners. SCFHS created Mumaris Plus as a unified portal for all its services.

For ex-pats working in the health services of KSA to renew their Iqama, they also need to renew their SCFHS Mumaris plus membership.

In this article by Saudiscoop, we will explain how you can renew your Mumaris plus membership.

Documents You Need

You will require the following documents to renew your Mumaris plus membership:

  • Copy of Iqama
  • Passport Copy
  • Latest Experience letter

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The Renewal Process

  • The first step to renew your membership is to login into your Mumaris plus account.
  • Select the ‘My services’ option.
  • Choose ‘Professional Re-registration.’
  • On the next page, you need to click on the ‘Apply now’ button and fill in the declaration form that shows up. (Note: Under normal circumstances, all the questions on the form will be answered with ‘No’)
  • You will now be taken to a new screen that shows all your personal information. You should review all the information and update anything that requires updating, like a new passport or Iqama.
  • The next page needs your work experience. Update all the information and upload your latest work experience certificate issued by your employer.
  • Once you have updated all the information, the last step is to pay the Re-registration fees to renew your membership for another year.

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Re-Registration Fees

You can find the re-registration fees for Mumaris Plus membership according to your professional position from this link. Re-registration fees.

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