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Riyadh Park Mall: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Riyadh

Travel and PlacesRiyadh Park Mall: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Riyadh

Whether you’re a tourist in Riyadh or living there, it’s no secret that Riyadh Park Mall is a must-visit. This mall is among the city’s most popular and most prominent shopping destinations. 

The convenient location makes the Riyadh Park Mall a favorite for families, groups of friends, and even individual visitors. 

While the mall is always bustling, especially in the evening, the weekends are incredibly full. Nevertheless, the shopping center can easily accommodate large crowds without getting packed. 

The Riyadh Park Mall is an excellent choice if you’re ready for an enjoyable dining and shopping experience. Before setting off, however, why not check out some more details? 

Riyadh Park Mall Location

Riyadh Park Mall is located at Northern Ring Branch Road, Riyadh 13511, Saudi Arabia. This location is quite convenient and near several other landmarks. If you’re a tourist, there are plenty of sightseeing spots nearby. 

The Riyadh Park Mall is also easily accessible from several neighborhoods, so Riyadh residents can go there hassle-free. To get near the mall, you must reach the Northern Ring Road and Prince Mohammed bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Road intersection. 

Taking a cab will also provide smooth sailing to this destination. If you have a vehicle, no worries; Riyadh Park Mall has an extensive parking area. 

Riyadh Park Mall Operating Hours

From Saturday to Thursday, the Riyadh Park Mall opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm. Since Friday is a blessed day and Muslims have to pray Jum’uah, the mall opens around 2 pm. The closing time remains the same that day. 

Saturday-Thursday: 10 am-11 pm

Friday: 2 pm-11 pm

Inside the Riyadh Park Mall

The Riyadh Park Mall houses various cafes and restaurants and over 70 cuisine choices! 

Riyadh park mall interior
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People also come here to shop from the most well-known, renowned global brands. Whether you’re here for food, shopping, leisure, or entertainment, Riyadh Park Mall will not disappoint. There’s fine dining, casual dining, snacks, and much more to satisfy every palate and preference. 

Customers will have everything they’re looking for here–fashion, kids’ clothing, home decor, sports, fitness equipment, makeup, skincare, shows, electronics, and so much more.

Riyadh Park Mall Vox Cinema

Vox Cinema Riyadh Park Mall
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The Riyadh Park Mall also boasts a modern cinema named VOX Cinemas. This entertainment option uses IMAX technology and an excellent surround sound system. The setup runs all the central box office global hits. There are also several screens available, which provide a range of choices. You also have various show timings to choose from, making the viewing as convenient as possible. 

Other Entertainment Options

The Riyadh Park Mall is a place that tries to accommodate everyone. When it comes to entertainment, we can also bring the children and elders of our family along. Just a few of the best entertainment options include: 

  • Ya Bowling
  • Mystery Museum
  • Magic Planet
  • Lego Specialist
  • Spar Time
  • Early Learning Center
  • Fox

Each of these options is fun and exciting for all ages. Be sure to call ahead for the timings, as these might differ from the mall hours in general.

You can do this by dialing +966 9200 09467 or visiting their official website.

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