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King Fahd Sports City: Facilities, Location & More

Travel and PlacesKing Fahd Sports City: Facilities, Location & More

King Fahd Sports City is the home ground of a major football club called Weg Taif. However, this sports complex has a lot more than just football matches. It plays several roles, which have also evolved with time and the advent of Saudi Vision 2030. 

Are you looking to visit King Fahd Sports City anytime soon? Just feeling curious about it. Let’s delve into some details on this sports complex now:

What is the King Fahd Sports City Stadium?

The King Fahd Sports City Stadium is a large, modern stadium with a multi-tented roof in a flower-like shape. It hosts a multitude of sports playoffs as well as several other events. 

Majed Abdullah scored the first-ever goal here, and the stadium also hosted matches for the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1989. This hosting also included the final game. 

Previously, limited activities were happening inside the King Fahd Sports City Stadium. The entry of women was severely restricted, and the itinerary was mainly dedicated to sporting events alone. 


Starting in September 2017, there has been an increase in other kinds of events at King Fahd Sports City. This month, the stadium became part of the Saudi Vision 2030 efforts. 

The 87th anniversary of the foundation of Saudi Arabia was celebrated there with performances, concerts, and other appearances by foreign artists. Women were also allowed into the stadium for the first time (officially). 

Here are some of the other sports and activities that have recently been hosted in the King Fahd Sports City:

  • The first major musical event was a BTS concert (also the band’s first Middle East concert)
  • Hosted the WWE’s event Crown Jewel on October 31, 2019
  • Hosted the 2021-22 Supercopa de España (3 matches)
  • A performance by David Guetta in the Saudi Games 2022 opening ceremony
  • Hosted the 2023 Supercopa de España Final on 15th January, 2023

Ticket Prices at King Fahd Sports City

Currently, the ticket prices at King Fahd Sports City can be anywhere from SAR20 (US$5) to SAR50 (US$13) for general admission only. 

The prices will probably be higher if you’re interested in other hospitality packages or a specific event. Some packages might even cost more than several hundred Saudi riyals. 

Construction Cost and Area

The construction cost of this stadium was around 1.912 billion Saudi riyals or $510 million. 

The roof spans around 47,000 square feet, with 24 columns in a 247-meter diameter circle. This arrangement creates an umbrella-like effect, shading people from the sun. A separate Royal pavilion is reserved for the royal family and their guests. 

FAQs about King Fahd Sports City

What is the capacity of King Fahd Sports City?

The stadium could previously hold 58,398 seated spectators. However, it is currently closed until 2026 for particular renovations. When it opens again, the plan is to expand the capacity to 92,000 seats. 

When was King Fahd Sports City constructed? 

King Fahd Sports City’s construction started on December 2, 1982. It was opened to the public in 1987. 

Are there any other names for King Fahd Sports City? 

Yes, this stadium has at least two nicknames. One is ‘The Tent’ (Mala’ab al-Khaymah) and the other is ‘Pearl of Stadiums’ (Durrat al-Mala’eb)