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Paying Debts Of Prisoner Via Absher, The Fujirat Initiative

Jawazat & MOIPaying Debts Of Prisoner Via Absher, The Fujirat Initiative

Absher is one of the most useful and used applications in Saudi Arabia. It makes access to government services in Saudi Arabia easier for its citizens and ex-pats alike. Absher provides almost 279 services to its users, for example, making appointments, renewing passports, IDs/Iqama, driver’s licenses, and others.

You can use Absher to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia, get Hajj permits, update passport information, and report electronic crimes. The Saudi Interior Ministry provides Absher’s online interactive platform. You can download the application from Google Playstore or iOS.

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The Absher app by the Saudi Ministry of Interior launched one of its most innovative services, Furijat, in 2019.

The Fujirat initiative was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

This initiative aims to provide KSA’s citizens and ex-pats with a safe and secure way to donate money to prisoners in Saudi jails.

These are prisoners convicted of non-criminal financial cases. Through this initiative, you can help them pay their debts to society and become free.

However, Absher doesn’t handle payments. You can make them through SADAD. The Furijat service allows users to search for prisoners from specific nationalities, regions, genders, etc., with non-criminal financial cases.

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Once you have chosen the prisoner you want to pay the debts for, you can view and validate the Sadad bill number to which payments are made. You can spend their entire or some of their debt to help them.

In less than a week of its launch, the Fujirat initiative helped release more than 200 prisoners because of online donations.

Method To Pay Debts For Prisoners, Via Absher

You can pay debts for prisoners and help them by following these steps:

  • Go to your Absher Application & log in.
  • Select “Electronic Services” from the options on your screen.
  • Then click on “My Services.” 
  • On the new page, select “General Directorate of Prisons.”
  • Click on the “help prisoners” option.
  • The next page will show you all the details you need to know about helping the prisoners. Read this page carefully and press the “proceed” button once satisfied.
  • On the next page, you can select the region, nationality, gender, and marital status of the prisoner you want to donate to. Similarly, you can choose the type of donation (Sadqa/Zakat).
  • According to the filter of the parameters you entered, the next page will show you all the prisoners who match those criteria, the percentage of the amount collected, the pending amount, and their Sadad bill number.
  •  Each result shown on your screen is a single case. However, if there is more than one case of a prisoner, all instances will be shown with a prisoner ID. You can also narrow your queries to display prisoners with a particular number of cases.
  • Once you have selected a prisoner to help, note their SADAD number on the screen and pay through your bank account. The SADAD billing code for the Fujirat service is 169. 

Validating Your SADAD Payment

You can also validate the bill number for each case in which you want to help. To do so:

  • Select “Electronic Services” and click “My Services” via Absher.
  • Then select “General Directorate of Prisons.”
  • Click on “Validate Bill Number.”
  • Enter your Sadad Bill number & press the “Search” button.
  • The screen will display the details of the bill number. These details contain the paid amount, remaining amount, prisoner ID & Sadad bill number.

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