Reporting A Lost Birth Certificate In KSA

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If you lose any of your legal documents in KSA, report them to the concern authorities. Here we'll discuss about reporting birth certificate.

This article will discuss what to do if you lose your birth certificate and how you can report it in KSA. But before you go about reporting any lost document to the authorities, make sure you have looked for it thoroughly everywhere.

Once you have reported a missing record, you will have to get a new one made.

Losing a legal document can be very troublesome. Our legal documents can be used by people with ill intent and lead to huge trouble.

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If you lose any of your legal documents in KSA, it is imperative to report them to the concerned authorities.

Reporting Lost Birth Certificate Via Absher

Absher is an online application in KSA used for its many features and services. One of the features of Absher is reporting lost documents.

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To report your missing birth certificate via Absher, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Absher account using your user ID/Iqama number and Password.
  • Among the options, select “Services” in the “My Services” box.
  • After that, choose “Civil Affairs” on the new screen.
  • Click on “Report Missing Document” from the options.
  • The new page will ask you to choose which document you want to report. 
  • Select “Birth Certificate
  • Now the screen will show you the names of your dependents with the option to click on the person whose birth certificate you want to report missing in green lettering.
  • You can report your missing document by clicking the green “click here” button in front of your name at the top of the page.
  • The new screen shows you details of the person you have selected. You should check these details and proceed.
  • Now you are asked to provide information on how your document was lost and where and when you found it missing.
  • After that, check the declaration box at the bottom and click submit.
  • The form is reproduced for you to check on the next page.
  • Click “Confirm” so that your document is reported missing.

After you have reported the missing birth certificate, you should get a new one issued as soon as possible.

However, suppose your certificate was issued in Saudi Arabia. In that case, you could visit the Ahwal e Madani office in your city with copies of your lost document to get a new one issued.

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