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Entering Makkah During The Hajj Season

Jawazat & MOIEntering Makkah During The Hajj Season

The pilgrimage of Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims perform Hajj in the month of Zilhaj (the Islamic lunar calendar) in the Holy City of Makkah.

Every year, millions of Muslims from varying backgrounds travel to Saudi Arabia to fulfill the obligation of Hajj.

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The Makkah Entry Ban 

The Makkah authorities ban expatriates’ entry to the holy city during the hajj season every year. This is done to control the flow of people entering the city and maintain strict security regulations.

The Makkah entry ban starts on the 25th of Shawaal and lasts till the 10th of Zilhaj. This ban takes place on all Makkah gateways and applies to all modes of transport, including cars, buses, trucks, and the Haramain train.

Entering Makkah During The Ban

Only those expatriates who live in the Holy City or work in it during the Hajj season and have a Makkah entry permit can enter the city during this ban.

The Makkah Entry Permit And How To Get It?

The Makkah entry permit allows expatriates to enter the Holy City during the Hajj season if they are not performing Hajj. Only ex-pat residents and those who work in Makkah during Hajj are eligible for this permit.

The entry permit applications must be submitted through the Muqeem portal at The applicant or the Government Relations Officer of your company can apply for the permit.

The applicant must fill in the required information, submit the necessary documents to obtain an e-permit, and print it without visiting the passport department.

The Makkah Entry Permit Fee

After submitting a complete application, the system generates a SADAD number for payment.

The fee for the Makkah entry permit during the Hajj season is 52.50 SR per person.