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Performing Hajj 2024: Tips You Need To Know

Travel and PlacesPerforming Hajj 2024: Tips You Need To Know

Looking forward to performing Hajj this year? Read this article to discover essential tips for a seamless and enriching Hajj experience.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is mandatory for all sane, capable Muslims to perform at least once in their lifetime. A capable Muslim is one who has the financial means to cover the Hajj expenses and is mentally and physically healthy. 

Moreover, this journey offers an opportunity for Muslims to reconnect with Allah and seek His forgiveness. It holds immense significance in Islam, symbolizing unity and devotion to Allah.

What Can You Do to Ensure a Smooth Hajj Experience?

Pick the best Hajj Package

    Plan your Hajj journey early by picking the best Hajj packages offered by different travel agencies. Go for a trusted and reputable travel agency to ensure a stress-free journey, and choose the package that suits your budget and other needs, such as transportation and accommodation. 

    Some Hajj packages include additional benefits such as a free travel guide, food, refreshments, and travel services such as shuttles. Therefore, make sure to browse through the available Hajj packages to select the best one that suits your needs. 

    Moreover, try to book your package earlier to avail yourself of early bird discounts and other promotional offers. Also, don’t forget to check your passport’s validity and the status of your other travel documents. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your departure date. 

    Understanding Hajj Obligations

      Before embarking on your Hajj journey, try to learn the rituals of Hajj and their sequence. Many Hajj Packages also include a guide on Hajj rituals and their obligations. This would ensure you have a more spiritual experience since you would understand the significance of each ritual.

      Furthermore, learn about the Ihram requirements for both males and females to avoid any problems during Hajj. During your stay at Muzdalifah, while collecting stones for Ram’i(stoning of the Devil) remember to collect extra pebbles as a precaution(apart from the 49 required ones).

      Staying Hydrated 

        Hajj requires pilgrims to walk long distances, especially recently because of the construction work going on in Mecca. Considering the high temperatures during the daytime, it is necessary to stay physically fit to complete your Hajj smoothly. Make sure to carry water bottles and dates for a quick energy boost. 

        Check if your Hajj package also provides travel insurance and medical support to stay on the safe side. Also, carry a sling bag to keep your medications, water, prayer mat, and shoes in it.  

        Following Saudi Hajj Protocol 2024

          To maintain peace during the pilgrimage, the Authorities of Saudi Arabia publish a set of rules and regulations for Hajj. Go through the guidelines given by the authorities and follow them to have a seamless Hajj experience. 

          Also, during Hajj, ensure you know the itinerary and scheduled timings for leaving a location. Follow your guide’s planned route and timings to avoid unnecessary worry and getting lost if you are in a group.

          What to Avoid During Hajj 2024? 

          Do Not Use Scented Products When in Ihram

            During the state of Ihram, you are required to stay free of any scented item, be it perfume or scented soap. While it is prohibited to use scents while in Ihram, it is important to make sure it is clean. Have an extra Ihram with you to change into in case it gets dirty.

            Don’t Overexert Yourself 

              This is important for both before and during Hajj. Before Hajj, while it is advised to start going on walks to help you get used to walking long distances, it is also necessary to save your energy for Hajj. If you are visiting Medinah first, then try to take frequent breaks to not tire yourself out before the actual journey begins. 

              Similarly, you should take breaks to rest during Hajj as well to maintain your physical health. Pushing yourself during Hajj to complete rituals quickly will deprive you of the true essence of Hajj, and you might also fall sick. Therefore, have water or electrolyte drinks with you at all times.

                New photography rules during Hajj are issued by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. According to these rules, it is not allowed to photograph someone without their consent or when they are praying without their knowledge. 

                Doing so may result in the confiscation of your camera. Therefore, it is better to play safe to avoid any problems with the authorities. 

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