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How to Pay the Fee for Local Hajj 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Travel and PlacesHow to Pay the Fee for Local Hajj 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Hajj, a pivotal spiritual journey, is mandatory for every financially and physically capable Muslim. Each year, Saudi Arabia allocates a specific quota for its citizens, who are classified as local pilgrims, to perform Hajj. If you plan to begin this sacred pilgrimage from within Saudi Arabia in 2024, here’s your comprehensive guide to understanding and paying the local Hajj fees.

Understanding Local Hajj Packages and Costs

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah offers four distinct packages tailored for local pilgrims in 2024, each designed to cater to different needs and budgets:

Premium Package (SAR 10,366.10): This package offers luxurious accommodation in high-comfort camps, providing an exclusive and comfortable experience.

Hospitality Package (SAR 8,092.55): Ideal for those seeking a warm and welcoming stay, this package includes lodging in the well-appointed hospitality camps of Mina.

Jamarat Bridge Towers (SAR 13,265.25): Positioned near the Jamarat Bridge in Mina, this package offers strategic accommodation within the six towers, allowing easy access to essential rituals.

Economy Package (SAR 4,099.75): This is the most budget-friendly option, covering basic services and accommodations.

Additional Costs: Depending on your chosen package, additional transportation costs may apply. These could include services like the Mashair train and various buses needed to navigate between the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah.

Local Hajj Registration and Required Documents

Saudi residents and GCC citizens must obtain a Hajj permit to register for the local Hajj. This permit serves as official authorization to access and perform the pilgrimage.

Required Documents

National ID or Iqama: For Saudi nationals and residents respectively.

Health Certificates: A valid certificate for the ACWY quadruple meningococcal meningitis vaccine is mandatory.

Age and Health Requirements

  • The minimum age for Hajj participants in 2024 is set at 15 years.
  • Required vaccinations include meningococcal meningitis, COVID-19, polio, and yellow fever. Seasonal influenza vaccination is also recommended.

Mahram Requirements for Female Pilgrims

Women over 45 may perform Hajj without a Mahram if they are part of an approved female pilgrim group and have consent from their husband or father.

How to Pay the Local Hajj Fee in Saudi Arabia

Once you have registered and selected your Hajj package, payment is the next crucial step. Payments for the local Hajj can be made through SADAD, a system used widely across Saudi banks for secure transactions.

Payment through Al Rajhi Bank

  • Log In: Access your Al Rajhi Bank account via their mobile app, which is available on PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Navigate to Payments: Click on the three dots in the upper left corner, then select “Payments”.
  • Make a One-Time Payment: Choose “One Time Payment” and select “Government Services”.
  • Process the Payment: From the Government Services menu, select “161 Ministry of Hajj and Umrah”, enter your SADAD Number, and confirm the payment.

Ensuring your payment is processed within a few hours of booking is crucial to confirming your Hajj permit and securing your spot for the pilgrimage.


Local Hajj 2024 registration is now open for Saudi residents. As GCC pilgrims are required to register through their home countries, it’s important to follow the appropriate channels. By understanding the packages, meeting the necessary requirements, and following the outlined payment steps, you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling Hajj experience. 

Remember, this spiritual journey is not just a ritual but a profound commitment that resonates with the essence of the Islamic faith.

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