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Giving Fidya(الفدية)/Damm(دم) During Hajj: Everything You Should Know

OthersGiving Fidya(الفدية)/Damm(دم) During Hajj: Everything You Should Know

Learn about the concept of damm during Hajj and Umrah in this article. Discover the significance of Fidya and its role when you are required to pay it. 

Damm refers to sacrificing an animal (sheep or goat) to compensate for a missed obligation during Hajj or Umrah. This compensation is also known as Fidya. You can also give the cost of one-seventh of a large animal, if sharing, to pay damm.

When do you have to pay dum?

It is obligatory to pay damm when you violate a Hajj or Umrah law or you miss an act due to a valid reason. Below are a few examples when you have to pay it:

  1. If you violated the obligations of Ihram. This includes cutting your nails in the state of Ihram, applying perfume, or using any other scented product.
  2. If you missed a compulsory(wajib) Hajj ritual, such as crossing Miqat without being in the state of Ihram.
  3. If you apply henna or kohl while in Ihram
  4. If you wear clothing that is stitched to fit the shape of your body, a second damm will be necessary after one or two days if you wear the clothing for a few consecutive days.
  5. If you cover your face. If men cover at least a quarter of their head or face for more than 12 hours, they are obligated to pay damm. If a woman covers her whole face for more than 12 hours, she has to pay damm.
  6. Cutting hair before Ram’i on the 10th of Dhil-Hijjah.  

How to pay Damm?

The requirements for paying damm are the same as those for sacrificing an animal for Eid-al-Adha. However, there is an additional condition for paying damm: the sacrifice must be made within the boundaries of Haram, Makkah.

How to pay damm using Adahi?

The Saudi government also offers an online service to pay damm through the Adahi website. Follow the steps below to pay damm through Adahi.

  1. Go to the Adahi website.
  2. Then, click on ‘To Buy’ option.
  3. Select the sheep you want to sacrifice as Fidya. Click on ‘Add to Order’
  4. Click on the ‘Go to Payment’ button
  5. Enter the payment details. Once you confirm the Fidya and payment, you will receive a confirmation message from Adahi. The message also includes a link to track your order. Later, when the sacrifice is done, you will receive another message of the successful completion of Damm. 

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