Haramain High-Speed Train Online Booking, Ticket Prices, Timetable, Cancellation Policies 2023

Find out the Haramain high-speed train online booking tickets, their prices, timetable, & ticket refund or change or cancel methods.

The Al-Haramain Train Project aims to provide a reliable, fast, and convenient means of travel among the holy cities of Saudi Arabia. The Haramain high-speed train design allows it to be operational at the speed of 300 Km/h and has a rail length of 450 km.

Western train, Mecca-Medina High-Speed rail, and Haramain High Speed are all the same names for the launched high-speed railway train

Haramain Rail Project

Originally, Haramain High-Speed Rails Project was brought into execution to resolve and improve transportation needs.

The growing number of Umrah performers, pilgrims visiting Mecca, and the city’s people needed more options than private taxis and personal vehicles.

Mecca-Medina high-speed train was considered the best option to minimize road traffic and boost tourism and local businesses. 

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Haramain Train ticket prices

Are you ready to avail of the service? Here’s some help to keep you updated on the Mecca-Medina train tickets. 

Starting from the Haramain Train ticket prices according to the travel location and travel preference is as follows;

Travelling Economy Class 

  • Mecca to Madinah, SAR 173 is charged to book a ticket.
  • Mecca to Jeddah will cost you SAR 46.
  • Mecca to KAEC, the train ticket is for SAR 98.
  • KAEC to Madinah, will cost you SAR 115.
  • Jeddah to Madinah, will cost you SAR 144. 
  • Jeddah to KAEC, the train ticket sells for SAR 58. 

Travelling Business Class

  • Mecca to Madinah, SAR 288 is charged to book a ticket.
  • Mecca to Jeddah will cost you SAR 58.
  • Mecca to KAEC, the train ticket is for SAR 127.
  • KAEC to Madinah, will cost you SAR 173.
  • Jeddah to Madinah, will cost you SAR 242. 
  • Jeddah to KAEC, the train ticket sells for SAR 75. 

Haramain Ticket Online booking

Now that you know the prices of the Haramain Train ticket, let’s head to booking a ticket. You have to follow some basic steps online and fill in your information to get a Haramain train ticket. 

  • Visit the Website 
  • Firstly, begin with visiting the website.
  • Click On the link above and fill in your pick-and-drop location. The options that’ll appear on the screen will be:
    • From and To the station
    • Date to book
    • Number of Guests
  • Choose your train from the available options.
  • Now, as per your choice, select your seat(s).
  • The website will further open to personal information and payment options to book a ticket.
    • Personal info, here your full name, gender, dob, document type, and ID will be required.
    • Complete Contact info; your phone details and email will be needed here.
    • Card Payment details, here, you must make the payment to book a seat. 

After the payment is processed, you’re through this procedure and have finally booked yourself a High-Speed Haramain Train ticket! You’ll receive the E-ticket via Email and SMS.

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Refund/Change of ticket

Change of mood or plans isn’t a problem. Your ticket can be changed or refunded by just following some steps and paying the refund/change ticket fee. 

Ticket Refund Fee:

  • Within 24 Hours, it’s FREE
  • 24 Hours to 10 Minutes, 35% of the total ticket price.
  • Less than 10 Minutes before departure, 100% of the train ticket price, No refunds are made.

Ticket Change Fee:

  • Upto 24 Hours before departure, it’s FREE
  • 24 Hours to 10 Minutes, 10% of the total ticket price.
  • Less than 10 Minutes remaining, 100% of the railway ticket price; no refund will be made. 
  • Tickets can be updated or refunded from the website or mobile apps and by visiting any station.

The steps to apply for cancellation, change, or refund of the ticket are as follows:

  • Visit the Website 
  • Firstly, begin with visiting the website.
  • Now you may see an option available that says Manage my bookings. Click on this tab.
  • You will enter your booking code and contact number. 

Train schedule of Mecca Madinah Train

Haramain High-Speed railway, daily, updates the railway schedule on its website since it varies daily. Every day six trains travel from Mecca-Medina.

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Here’s the link to get an update on the Western railway timetable

Facilities served at Haramain High-Speed Railway Stations.

The Haramain Project includes a lounge for departures and arrivals. It also has a mosque, parking lots, and passenger waiting areas—a helipad and civil defense center.

Furthermore, there are souks, an ATM, Restaurants, a gift and a newspaper place, a bookshop, and cafeterias. 


Haramain High-Speed Rails are built to ease travelers and pilgrims and reduce travel time between Mecca & Madinah to 2 hours. The rails are designed to bear extreme temperatures and serve efficiently throughout.

Annually it is expected to serve 60 million passengers. 

Tickets are available at the stations and can be booked via mobile apps and websites. In case of an update or refund of your train ticket, a certain fee will be deducted, but it is possible. 

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