How To Buy SAPTCO Bus Ticket And Its Price (Updated March 2023)

Here we've compiled some of the SAPTCO bus ticket & fare prices of different cities & how you can buy them online

Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) was launched in 1979 and now runs the most prominent bus network in Saudi Arabia.

This bus network connects all the major cities of Saudi Arabia and operates more than 4500 vehicles. Moreover, SAPTCO also offers an online service to book your tickets conveniently.

How To Get A Ticket For SAPTCO 

To buy yourself a SAPTCO ticket, you can use one of the ways mentioned below:


  • You can get a ticket through the SAPTCO website. You can also click the link, which will direct you to the page.

Mobile App

  • Self-service KIOSK Machines, which you can find installed at stations
  • Ticket Booth found in SAPTCO Stations.

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Ticket Prices of SAPTCO From Riyadh

OriginDestinationTicket Price
RiyadhBuraydahSAR 92
RiyadhYanbuSAR 269
RiyadhNajranSAR 224
RiyadhHailSAR 159
RiyadhDammamSAR 92
RiyadhAl DawdmiSAR 86
RiyadhAl AhsaSAR 72
RiyadhAbqaiqSAR 92
RiyadhMedinahSAR 223
RiyadhJeddahSAR 219
RiyadhAbhaSAR 239
RiyadhMakkahSAR 184
Updated on 26-03-2023

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SAPTCO Bus Fares From Makkah

OriginDestinationTicket Price
MakkahJeddahSAR 20
MakkahRiyadhSAR 184
MakkahDammamSAR 276
MakkahNajranSAR 216
MakkahMedinahSAR 69
MakkahJubailSAR 308
MakkahJazanSAR 177
MakkahYanbuSAR 112
Updated on 26-03-2023

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Jeddah

OriginDestinationTicket Price
JeddahYanbuSAR 99
JeddahJazanSAR 184
JeddahNajranSAR 230
JeddahRiyadhSAR 219
JeddahMedinahSAR 69
JeddahMakkahSAR 20
JeddahDammamSAR 302
JeddahHailSAR 187
Updated on 26-03-2023

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SAPTCO Tickets Prices Form Medinah

OriginDestinationTicket Price
MedinahMakkahSAR 69
MedinahRiyadhSAR 223
MedinahDammamSAR 315
MedinahHailSAR 118
MedinahYanbuSAR 72
MedinahJeddahSAR 69
MedinahNajranSAR 299
MedinahJazanSAR 253
Updated on 26-03-2023

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices Form Dammam

OriginDestinationTicket Price
DammamMakkahSAR 276
DammamJeddahSAR 302
DammamRiyadh SAR 92
DammamHailSAR 251
DammamNajranSAR 316
DammamJazanSAR 337
DammamYanbuSAR 361
Updated on 26-03-2023

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Yanbu

OriginDestinationTicket Price
YanbuRiyadhSAR 269
YanbuDammamSAR 343
YanbuJeddahSAR 184
YanbuMedinahSAR 72
YanbuMakkahSAR 112
Updated on 26-03-2023

Payment Methods For SAPTCO Bus Fare

There are two ways to make the payment for the bus tickets.

  • You can make the payment online. You could do this through a credit card or an online payment channel called SADAD.
  • If you pay online, you will receive an e-ticket which you can either show in a hard copy or a soft copy. 
  • You can also pay the fare cash when buying the ticket from any travel agent. 

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