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SAPTCO Bus Tickets: How to Buy and Price 2024

Jawazat & MOISAPTCO Bus Tickets: How to Buy and Price 2024

Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) was launched in 1979 and now runs the most prominent bus network in Saudi Arabia.

This bus network connects all the major cities of Saudi Arabia and operates more than 4,500 vehicles. Moreover, SAPTCO offers an online service to book tickets conveniently.

How To Get A Ticket For SAPTCO 

To buy yourself a SAPTCO ticket, you can use one of the ways mentioned below:

Via Website

  • You can get a ticket through the SAPTCO website. You can also click the link to direct you to the page.

Via Mobile App

  • Self-service KIOSK Machines, which you can find installed at stations
  • Ticket Booth found in SAPTCO Stations.

SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Riyadh

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
Riyadh (Azziziya)Buraydah SAR 925h 8m-7h 27m
Riyadh (Azziziya)YanbuSAR 269-32914h 28m-33h 15m
Riyadh (Azziziya)NajranSAR 224-42914h 14m -34h 49m
Riyadh (Azziziya)HailSAR 1598h 24m – 9h 10m
Riyadh (Azziziya)DammamSAR 986 Hours
Riyadh (Azziziya)Al DawadmiSAR 864h 40m
Riyadh (Azziziya)Al AhsaSAR 724h 15m
Riyadh (Azziziya)AbqaiqSAR 926h 37m – 10h 8 m
Riyadh (Azziziya)MadinahSAR 22313-14 Hours
Riyadh (Azziziya)Jeddah SAR 219-23012h – 16h 44m
Riyadh (Azziziya)AbhaSAR 239-37614h 20m -28h 21m
Riyadh (Azziziya)Makkah ( Al-Haram)SAR 18411h 32m- 14h 18m
Riyadh (Azziziya)Makkah (Alomra)SAR 18412h 3m- 14h 49m
Riyadh (Azziziya)JubailSAR 1308h- 19h 30m
Riyadh (Azziziya)TaifSAR 2029h – 12h 48m
Riyadh (Azziziya)Qurayyat SAR 29019h 9m – 20h 12m 
Riyadh (Azziziya)SakakaSAR 28214h 31m – 17h 17m
Riyadh (Azziziya)BahaSAR 231- 26914h 16m- 31h 35m
Riyadh (Azziziya)TabukSAR 29717h 55m- 18h 55m 
Riyadh (Azziziya)JazanSAR 261

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Makkah

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
Makkah(Al Haram)Jeddah SAR 201h 26m
Makkah(Al Haram)Riyadh (Aziziya)SAR 18413h 30m – 14 h 22m
Makkah(Al Haram)DammamSAR 28222h
Makkah(Al Haram)Madinah (Tabuk road)SAR 696h
Makkah(Al Haram)JubailSAR 31425h
Makkah(Al Haram)YanbuSAR 1125h 13m
Makkah(Al Haram)TabukSAR 24314h 47m
Makkah(Al Haram)TaifSAR 391h 40m
Makkah(Al Haram)AbhaSAR 1779h 5m
Makkah(Al Haram)BahahSAR 1064h 30m

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Jeddah

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
Jeddah Saptco SARYanbuSAR 995-6 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARJazanSAR 18412 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARNajranSAR 230-32015-25 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARRiyadhSAR 219-23011-15 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARMadinahSAR 696 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARMakkah (Al Haram)SAR 201 Hour
Jeddah Saptco SARDammamSAR 308-32818-21 Hours
Jeddah Saptco SARHailSAR 187-20411-18 Hours

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SAPTCO Tickets Prices from Madinah

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
MadinahMakkah (Al Haram)SAR 695-7 Hours
MadinahRiyadhSAR 22311-13 Hours
MadinahDammamSAR 27718 Hours
MadinahHailSAR 1185-6 Hours
MadinahYanbuSAR 723-4 Hours
MadinahJeddahSAR 696 Hours
MadinahNajranSAR 314-33125-37 Hours
MadinahJazanSAR 26118-33 Hours

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Dammam

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
DammamMakkah ( Al Haram)SAR 695-7 Hours
DammamJeddahSAR 696 Hours
DammamRIyadhSAR 22311-13 Hours
DammamHailSAR 1185-6 Hours
DammamNajranSAR 314-33125-37 Hours
DammamJazanSAR 26118-33 Hours
DammamYanbuSAR 723-4 Hours

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SAPTCO Ticket Prices From Yanbu

FromToPrice SARJourney Time
YanbuRiyadhSAR 269-32915-21 Hours
YanbuDammamSAR 348-42720-29 Hours
YanbuJeddahSAR 996 Hours
YanbuMadinahSAR 724 Hours
YanbuMakkah ( Al Haram)SAR 1126 Hours

Payment Methods For SAPTCO Bus Fare

There are two ways to pay for the bus tickets.

  • You can make the payment online. You could do this through a credit card or an online payment channel called SADAD.
  • If you pay online, you will receive an e-ticket, which you can show in a hard copy or a soft copy. 
  • You can also pay the fare in cash when buying the ticket from any travel agent. 

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