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Top Places To Visit in Taif, Saudi Arabia

LifestyleTop Places To Visit in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Taif, a city in the Makkah Province of Saudi Arabia, is known far and wide for its tourist appeal. Whether it be the lush rose gardens for which it is known, the rich cultural heritage, or its greenery offering you a breath of fresh air, Taif is a place that has something for everyone. Let us look at some of the top places to visit in Taif, alongside the best time to see them. 

Al Rudaf Park

Located in the heart of Taif, Al Rudaf Park is a well-loved destination by locals and tourists alike.

Al Rudaf Park
Rana Nasir took this photo as part of the Colors of Saudi competition. (Photo/Saudi Tourism)

The park is known for its lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to get away. Its well-manicured lawns, walking tracks, and children’s play areas make it the perfect go-to place for any trip.

The park also has several fountains, lakes, and picnic spots, making it the perfect place for a gathering with friends, family, or yourself. 

Best time to visit: 

The best time to visit Al Rudaf Park is in the spring, either in the morning or evening. This is also when the weather is most pleasant, with cool breezes and flowers in full bloom.

Shubra Palace

Built-in the 1900s, Shubra Palace is a historic Taif monument reflecting the region’s local architecture.

Shubra Palace Taif

The palace has several rooms previously used by the Saudi royal family, a mosque, a small museum, and lush green gardens, pools, and fountains that add to its beauty.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Shubra Palace is in the afternoon when the palace is open for visitors.

Souq Okaz

A well-known outdoor market that dates back to pre-Islamic times, Souq Okaz is the perfect destination for anyone fascinated by history and culture.

Souq Okaz Taif

Once a hub of trade and commerce in the Arabian peninsula, the Souq Okaz is worth visiting due to its significance and age alone. Today, the Souq is a bustling marketplace offering various traditional items, including handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. 

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Souq Okaz is during the annual Souq Okaz Festival, which takes place in August.

Taif Zoo

Home to animals ranging from the enormous lion to the smallest monkey, Taif Zoo remains a popular destination among tourists and locals for its breadth of experience.