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Blog Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners and Experts

TechBlog Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners and Experts

Table of Contents

  1. What is the meaning of a blog?
  2. Is Blogging Important for My Business?
  3. What are some famous Blogging Platforms?
  4. What niches should I write on?
  5. Can I make money from blogging?
  6. Is a Vlog better than a blog?
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning of a blog?

Blogging started as a form of content that was styled as diary entries. Blogging comes in many forms, including photography, written content, and audio.

The critical distinction is that these entries are published online as an opportunity to start a conversation or discuss with the audience. These entries are placed reverse chronologically, with the recent ones placed topmost on the website. Blogging covers many topics, including current events, personal experiences, and opinions. 

Blogging has quickly become a go-to for many businesses as a marketing and engagement strategy. But many blogs are run by individuals as well as a monologue. Varying in niche and style, some focus on art, poetry, and music, while others focus on nature and technology.

Blogging is also a form of self-expression. Many often use it as “screaming into the void” using alt personalities and pseudonyms.

 This anonymity allows them to be unfiltered and speak more openly at times. The engagement aspect of blogging has also created communities around the more famous blogs. Based on shared interests, people from around the world can connect through these blogs. 

Is Blogging Important for My Business?

Blogging can be a great marketing strategy to boost your business. Instead of hiring someone else for affiliate marketing, blogging serves as self-promotion. But this requires genuineness in the content the blog produces. Misleading blogs may even hurt your business. 

Depending on the type of business, blogs can add value to the product and increase customer relations. Blogs can be a source of information about the product, providing usage manuals. 

Similarly, alot of tech gadgets, such as smartwatches, headphones, and smartphones, run blogs to show the many features of their product. Providing insight and expertise about your product creates a meaningful connection with the customer. The relationship then helps in customer retention and a greater return rate.

It hooks the reader to your product as they understand your business more deeply. Furthermore, it keeps them updated, showing that, as a business, you care about your customers post-sale. It also helps create leads where complimentary goods can be sold together, increasing conversion.

Likewise, blogs help establish the brand and create its image as well. A well-rounded SEO-optimized blog can rank excellent on Google and elevate your brand as it shows up more consistently than your competitors. Similarly, it often works great with other digital marketing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

What are some famous Blogging Platforms?

Blogging often requires a platform to host and publish your content on. The choice of venue usually varies with the medium of the blog as well. This is because of the user-friendliness, the type of community, and the topics that different mediums cater to. 


The go-to blog for beginners and tenured alike, WordPress is the staple of the blogging community.

WordPress is free to use as well as edit. Its popularity is because WordPress does not charge a penny for using it. Plus, it’s open-source software that you can build upon or modify the software as needed. WordPress is easy to use, requiring only a single software download. 

WordPress rules all other platforms because of its compatibility with a million(not really) plugins and software that can add value to your blog. For instance, the ‘Elementor’ Plugin is a Revolutionary Program streamlining the whole blogging process! Some common names include:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. WooCommerce
  3. MonsterInsights
  4. WP Rocket
  5. Pretty LinksJetpack
  6. WordFence Security

Start your WordPress website today from here.

Many experts claim that Blogspot gave birth to blogging back in the 1990s. While many have lost touch with their originality, Blogspot stays true to its core by being limited and focused. This allows people to narrow down the platform to blogging.

Blogger is free and easier than WordPress to use. Similarly, it can be equipped with Google Analytics and Adsense as well. It allows traffic tracking and monetizing the website without investing a single penny.

More importantly, Blogger is integrated with Google. The service comes with a few advantages, such as speed and performance, as well as all the Google+ products being compatible with the platform.

The blogger login can be accessed here.


Hubspot is a powerful SEO and marketing tool that provides a range of services, opportunities, and marketing tools. This cloud-based service is also a pioneer as a blogging platform and has been one of the top choices for bloggers since 2006.

Hubspot offers many customizable themes, drag-and-drop editing, and SEO optimization tools to create content that makes your blog search engine friendly. The variety of its tools means that a holistic marketing strategy built around Hubspot is the way to go. The comprehensiveness includes email subscriptions, analysis, and newsletter development.

To start working on HubSpot right away, use the link here.

What niches should I write on?

The choice of niche depends on personal interest and passion. Many people write on topics that are very uncommon yet excel simply because of their prior knowledge and expertise. One shouldn’t focus on the market when blogging for self-expression and personal satisfaction. 

Yet it would be undeniable to say that some common niches usually bring in significant traffic and viewership. Some of the most shared blogs are based on these themes. Still, this list is a simple illustration, not a strict guideline or suggestion.

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Travel
  4. Technology and gadgets
  5. Food and cooking
  6. Fashion and beauty
  7. Parenting and family
  8. DIY and home improvement
  9. Entertainment and pop culture
  10. Business and entrepreneurship.

These blogs might have more significant viewership because they’re more commonly searched on Google. Using the right keyword strategy, a good ranking page can divert that traffic to its blog. Even then, alot of work is left; you have to find the right keywords, link them to content, and produce material around them. 

You can also get a very in-depth guide by learning the Top 10 Most Profitable Blogging Niches!

Alot of blogs, such as ours, focuses on a range of theme as well. The diversity helps turn in traffic from different sources and broader backlink connections.

 Such diversification is sometimes key to growth, where you have many content pages bringing in considerable traffic.

Moreover, it also helps avoid cannibalization. In such a situation, your content crowds out a keyword and starts competing with each other. Such self-competition reduces traffic per page while not contributing to the total.

Can I make money from blogging?

Many people look to blogging as a source of online earnings. Revenue generation is possible to a certain extent but requires a holistic marketing strategy and monetization. You could pull in money in several ways, but this requires an investment of time, effort, and money.

Affiliate Marketing

Many businesses contact well-established blogs to write about their product or brand. The writing can be in the form of a review, news, or promotion. The art of affiliate marketing is to be subtle. The reader need never find out that the content is affiliated. A good affiliate article links the product and provides a call to action. The revenue is the commission the affiliate offers you, which can be an upfront payment, percentage of conversions, or CPC they receive.

Google Adsense

The quickest and easiest way to earn money from your blog is to monetize it. Partnering with Google to run ads on your business has many advantages. It’s easy to run, gives a good buck, and is the market staple. Once registered, Google takes over the process and generates revenue for you by paying you a commission of the CPC they receive.

Is a Vlog better than a blog?

Blogs have been going around since the 1990s, but their iteration into the video format is new. Vlogging has quickly gained traction and is the hottest thing. The most commonly used platforms are YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok. These apps’ free nature and user experience have meant that anyone can be a vlogger, even you! And the market for this has grown exponentially. 

Many famous YouTubers such as KSI, Jake Paul, and Mr. Beast started with different vlogging ideas and have now become internet celebrities. This is a significant shift because it questions whether text and written blog is the most prominent medium. Verily, the material that they put out differs vastly. Vlogs are more famous for traveling and nature, while blogs are for technology, fitness, and information.


Blogging can either be a hobby or a profession. What’s important is that it’s growing multifold. In such circumstances, we must understand it and see if we can also become a part of it. Indeed, blogging might have benefits for any of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I post on my blog?

Consider your content type and audience’s expectations when deciding how often to post on your blog. Aim for consistency, but prioritize quality over quantity.

Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, free blogging platforms like, Blogger, and Wix exist. Free plans have limitations, like less customization and ads. A free plan is a good option if you’re starting out, but paid plans offer more control and growth potential.

Do I need to be an expert on a particular topic to start a blog?

Nope, you definitely don’t have to be an expert to start a blog! Some of the most popular blogs are written by people who are passionate about a topic, even if they’re not experts.

How do I promote my blog?

To promote your blog, you can use social media to share your posts, optimize your content for search engines, and try guest posting on other blogs in your niche.

How can I make money from my blog?

You can place ads on your site, use affiliate marketing, or create sponsored posts to make money from your blog.