Top 5 Blogs for Expats in Saudi Arabia and Top Bloggers

Check out the top 5 bloggers websites for ex-pats who are living in Saudi Arabia & want to more about the country by reading different blogs.

Over 30% percent of people living in KSA are foreign nationals. Saudi Scoop invited a group of Editors, writers, and readers to suggest their pick for the top 5 Expats blogs in Saudi Arabia.

And no surprise, Saudi Scoop figured on the ‘Top 5 Blogs’ list.

The country and demographics

Saudi Arabia has the 12th largest landmass of any country in the world. It has a relatively young population; of nearly 34 million people. 50% of the population is aged 25 or younger.

Expats in Saudi Arabia

Foreigners, E-pats make up a significant portion of Saudi Arabia’s population. Over 30% of people living in KSA are foreign nationals. Interestingly, this foreign minority makes up more than 70% of Saudi’s workforce. Interpret that how you will.

No resource builds a better picture of a country’s daily life than the blogs written by expats and foreigners already established in a country.

Top 5 Blogs in Saudi Arabia

Our group of experts picked the best Saudi blogs from thousands and ranked them by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. So without further ado, here are our top 5 blogs for Expats,

Life In Saudi Arabia(LISA)

This blog is a complete guide for people living in Saudi Arabia or foreigners planning to come here in the near future. Visit this blog to read about Climate, Living, Driving, Social Issues, Procedures, and much more.

Saudi Expatriate – Expats Life in Saudi Arabia is a website to get all information helpful for non-Saudis. It Is beneficial for Expats living, Working in Saudi Arabia, or wanting to visit Saudi.

KSA Expats

This is again a blog by expats for expats with helpful information for Saudi Expatriates.

Saudi Scoop

The relatively young blog covers news of popular trends within Saudi Arabia—the latest international and local information on business health, sports, and lifestyle. 

Saudi Scoop highlights the best of KSA, from the undying love for cars to technological developments, awareness for health and well-being, and a focus on a sustainable lifestyle.

Whats on Saudi Arabia

Like the Saudi Scoop, is another young blog. Whatson focuses mainly on lifestyle, tourism, entertainment, and culture.

Both the young players of this blog market, ‘Saudi Scoop and Whatsonsaudiarabia,’ have gained a substantial foothold with the readers in search of new trends and authoritative information.

Top Bloggers for Expats Blogs in Saudi Arabia

Additionally, as per FeedSpot, LISA and Saudi Scoop boast the most published bloggers of expats blogs in Saudi Arabia. See here Steve has been the most prolific contributor for LISA, while Faysal carries the mantel for Saudi Scoop.

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