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Escape the heat with the Abha Summer Festival

LifestyleEscape the heat with the Abha Summer Festival

Summer temperatures can get brutal. We recommend you head to the capital of Saudi Arabia’s renowned Aseer region for the Abha Summer Festival.

Abha is best known for its dense forests, beautiful mountains, and cool temperatures (average 20 to 29 degrees Celsius). Residents have been moving to the cool highlands of Abha to escape the soaring heat.

Moreover, the Abha Summer Festival makes this culturally rich capital of Aseer especially more attractive for the whole family.

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The festival, which is held at the outdoor Sama Abha Park, will run through summer until September 24, 2022.

The festival comprises six entertainment areas spanning over 126,000 square meters and is held under the slogan “Above the Mountains.”

There are various programs and events, including carnivals and adventures and Aseer’s glorious assembly of harvest bounty at the local farmers’ market.

They also have a children’s play area, an arts and entertainment village, a shopping and retail space, and the Mifana zone, where you can indulge in local dishes.

The festival brings a large variety of performances by famous and upcoming artists on the Blue Stage, so you can also look forward to some music in the misty mountains.

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Visitors arriving by car will also get access to a 2,000-car parking lot opposite the venue. They will also get a 3,000-car parking lot at King Khalid University and a 400-car parking lot for senior citizens.

Alternatively, there are shuttle bus services available to and from the event.

While you’re there for the festival, we recommend you take the chance to learn more about the local region. The local area is considered unique from other parts of Saudi Arabia.

Video Courtesy: Visit Saudi – روح السعودية

This includes exploring the three popular heritage sites: the ancient sites of Jarash, the archaeological village of Rijal Alma, and the Heritage House in Al-Namas.

The direct flight from Riyadh to Abha is an hour and 40 minutes long. However, it takes 20 minutes to fly directly from Jeddah to Abha.

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