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Nearly Half Of Saudi Gamers Are Women

SportsNearly Half Of Saudi Gamers Are Women

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued figures that show 48 percent of the gamers in the Kingdom are women.

Gaming is suggested to reach $6.8 billion in Saudi Arabia by 2030. A substantial rise from $959 million in 2020 and women gamers will contribute a major share to the figure.

Saudi Arabia has 23.5 million gamers across the Kingdom, that’s 70 percent of the Kingdom’s population. These numbers show the enormous potential and popularity of the gaming and E-sports sector in Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, Redseer’s research this summer shows that 69 percent of women online in the Kingdom are gamers. This share is one percent more than their male counterparts.

Saudi gaming will reach $6.8 billion by 2030, up from $959 million in 2020. And according to a Boston Consulting Group report, the nation’s women will contribute a massive portion of the figure.

Ghada Al Moqbel says she has witnessed firsthand the rise of Saudi women in the industry. Ghada is the owner and CEO of GCON.

GCON stands for Girls Convention, the first convention for women in gaming and E-sports in the Kingdom. GCON’s annual convention began in 2012 and now attracts around 20,000 female attendees yearly.

Al Moqbel said: “GCON develops the building of the gaming ecosystem by managing projects in esports, game development, and entertainment.

We focus on being an ecosystem catalyst and community lead. And aim to change the industry through our research and understanding of the community.

Furthermore, we focus on women empowerment in the gaming and esports industry.”

A Devs Talk event takes place on Wednesday at Al-Faisal University in Riyadh. This event is a part of Gamers8, the most prominent E-sports, and gaming event worldwide.

The Devs Talk panel event will conduct a ‘The Art Behind Music Composing in Video Games’ discussion featuring David Wise.

Wise a Briton is a musician and video game music composer. Wise is famous for his music for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country series.

Ghada Almoqbel said: “We are pleased to be working with Al Faisal University and Gamers8 to organize this Devs Talk event.

Devs Talk is a regular GCON event that provides game developers with an educational and social platform.

It is an exhibition to showcase everyone’s work in the game development arena – be they programmers, designers, voice actors, artists, and others.”

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