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WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Results, Saudi Arabia

SportsWWE Crown Jewel 2023 Results, Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, the action unfolded at Riyadh’s Mohammed Abdu Arena in Saudi Arabia, making it the second Crown Jewel event to grace this venue since the 2021 edition. This marked WWE’s tenth event in Saudi Arabia, solidifying their decade-long partnership supporting Saudi Vision 2030.

For viewers in the USA, the 2023 WWE Crown Jewel kicks off at 13:00 ET / 10:00 PT. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the action begins at a local time of 20:00.

In Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, five titles were up for grabs, yet only one championship saw a new holder. Just over two years into his WWE journey, Logan Paul, aided by brass knuckles, seized the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel.

Roman Reigns Defeated LA Knight

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by defeating LA Knight. Notably, Roman Reigns was an imposing – 5000 favorite when facing off against LA Knight, cementing his status as one of the most dominant champions in his entire title reign.

Just days shy of his 41st birthday, LA Knight found himself in the most significant bout of his career. His journey in WWE has been remarkable as he rapidly ascended the ranks. In the squared circle, Knight put on a commendable performance against Reigns.

However, as with so many before him, it proved insufficient to conquer Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. This showdown marked Reigns’ first title defense since his victory over his cousin Jey Uso at SummerSlam in August.

Cody Rhodes Defeated Damian Priest

In a thrilling showdown, Rhodes managed to thwart Judgment Day’s interference with the assistance of Jey Uso. He executed three consecutive Cross Rhodes moves, ultimately securing the victory over Priest.

Throughout the match, Rhodes exhibited strong control, delivering two Cody Cutters, including one from the top rope, a couple of Bionic Elbows, and even a daring suicide dive to the outside.

Priest, on the other hand, managed to unleash his variation of the Cross Rhodes, which he dubs “The Reckoning.” Unfortunately, it didn’t result in a broken announce table. Later in the contest, Priest executed the South of Heaven on Rhodes after the interference of Finn Balor and JD McDonagh. However, when Dominik Mysterio made it a 4-on-1 situation, Jey Uso came to the rescue, turning the tide of the match.

Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio

Logan Paul remarkably secured his first WWE title, defeating Rey Mysterio to become the United States champion.

Paul showcased his impressive in-ring skills, executing a range of high-flying maneuvers. He wowed the audience with a flawless Buckshot Lariat and a fallaway slam from the top rope. In one sequence, he even appeared to save Mysterio from a potentially nasty fall by catching the legendary luchador.

However, it was a pair of brass knuckles that ultimately sealed the victory for Paul. After Mysterio successfully executed the 619 and followed it up with his signature springboard splash, he was met by a devastating right-hand strike from Paul, who wielded the illegal weapon.

Solo Sikoa Defeated John Cena

Solo Sikoa achieved the most significant victory of his burgeoning career, securing a clean pinfall win over the legendary John Cena after delivering an astonishing series of 10-plus Samoan Spikes in succession.

Cena had been vocal for weeks about his lack of singles victories over the past five years, given his part-time schedule, and hinted at retirement at 46. Now, Solo Sikoa has dealt a decisive blow to Cena’s legacy.

Notably, Cena didn’t manage to execute his signature finisher, the Attitude Adjustment, even after Sikoa escaped it three times. Instead, Sikoa opted for a barrage of more Samoan Spikes, ultimately clinching the victory. Cena lay on the mat for a while before bidding an emotional farewell to the crowd.

Considering how Cena just lost, it’s hard to believe we’ll see him on WWE TV anytime soon.

World Heavyweight Championship: Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins Defeated Drew McIntyre

Seth Rollins successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship in the opening match of Crown Jewel. He secured a 1-2-3 victory over Drew McIntyre after connecting with The Pedigree, followed by The Stomp.

Rollins had earlier delivered The Stomp, but McIntyre managed to kick out. In a thrilling sequence, Rollins also kicked out of McIntyre’s finishing move, The Claymore. However, Rollins’ second Pedigree and Stomp proved insurmountable for McIntyre.

Throughout the match, Rollins portrayed a storyline of a bad back, adding drama to the contest. As Rollins was reeling, Damian Priest, the Money in the Bank holder, attempted to cash in. However, just as Priest handed the briefcase to the referee, Sami Zayn attacked him, stole the briefcase, and disappeared into the crowd.

Sami Zayn Defeated JD McDonagh

At Crown Jewel, Sami Zayn and JD McDonagh’s feud reached its climax. While Zayn has been embroiled in an ongoing conflict with The Judgment Day faction, his match against McDonagh was set to kick off Saturday’s events. The bout started with both wrestlers showcasing their offense, with McDonagh’s clever tactics countering Zayn’s all-out style.

In the end, as McDonagh found himself stunned late in the match, Zayn executed a “Blue Thunder Bomb,” securing a 1-2-3 victory. With McDonagh defeated, it raises the question of whether Zayn will now have the opportunity for another 1-on-1 match against a member of The Judgment Day faction.

Iyo Sky Defeated Bianca Belair in WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

The rise of Iyo Sky has indeed been an exciting journey, injecting new energy into the women’s division and bolstering the ranks of Damage CTRL. But the question on everyone’s mind was whether she could genuinely defeat Bianca Belair outright and retain her championship.

For most of the match, it seemed like the answer was a resounding “yes.” Sky’s strategy was clear and effective: neutralize Belair’s athleticism by focusing on her knee.

Sky’s relentless assault on Belair’s lower body was paying off. Belair’s movements became slightly slower, allowing Sky to counter nearly every significant maneuver. Belair, however, displayed remarkable resilience, reminding everyone of her status as a former champion and one of the best in the business. She appeared to have the potential to overcome the knee injury.

Then came the unexpected. First, Bayley made her presence felt, which was somewhat expected. However, the big surprise was the appearance of Kairi Sane.

Both seized the opportunity with an incapacitated Belair outside the ring and unleashed a barrage of punishing attacks. Sky’s signature moonsault from the top rope was the finishing touch. In the end, Sky retained her title, while Belair suffered defeat.

Raw Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley def. Zoey Stark, 

Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez and Shayna Baszler

In many respects, Rhea Ripley, a superstar of her caliber, deserved a more favorable scenario at Crown Jewel. As the reigning Raw women’s champion, Ripley has been on an incredible streak since her triumph over Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39.

She is the undisputed top star in the women’s division. She leads The Judgment Day, one of WWE’s most formidable factions.

However, the weight of the championship is substantial.

In a Fatal Five-Way match against four determined challengers, Ripley had to exhibit the determination and resilience akin to winning on the road.

She weathered the early storm of Nia Jax’s power, Shayna Baszler’s submission expertise, Zoey Stark’s cunning, and Raquel Rodriguez’s athleticism.

 Ripley demonstrated her ability to navigate danger and seize opportunities. While Baszler’s triple-submission attempt and Rodriguez’s Tejana Bomb were standout moments in the match, Ripley concluded the show as true champions do. She left Saudi Arabia with her championship belt, proving her mettle once again.