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Jeddah: Home To The Largest Aquarium In The World

LifestyleJeddah: Home To The Largest Aquarium In The World

Jeddah: A new aquarium built at the Jeddah Airport has taken the cake as the largest aquarium at an airport in the world. 

In the west of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Airport had been constructing a new marvel for its citizens: the largest aquarium in any airport in the world.

A cylindrical marvel, the tank takes base in the center of the airport. It extends all the way up to the ceiling with a height of 14 meters and a diameter of 10 meters.

A 300 mm glass made up of 10 pieces, each weighing 12 tons (12000 kg), makes it possible to admire all the wonders within. 

The tank aims to capture the actual view of the Red Sea itself. The aquarium uses silicon and latex coral reefs to resemble the ones in the Red Sea themselves.

1000 liters of chemically engineered seawater fills the tank and becomes the home to 2000 marine creatures. Out of these 2000, 65 species are those belonging directly to the Red Sea.

Furthermore, four basins built at the bottom to recycle and clean the water also fulfill the need for the tank to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

The aquarium aims to use as little seawater as possible by creating and recycling it through the basin.

Specialists keep an eye on the fish and take care of their health and well-being. They do this by careful monitoring and health checks.

Fishes enter the tank after an isolation period to make sure they can adjust to their new living space.

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Maintainance Of Aquarium

As for maintenance, Jeddah Airport has gotten one specially trained diver to handle the aquariums’ regular maintenance.

This is alongside the responsibility of feeding the fish twice a day, including the ones who must be fed personally.

The seawater regulates itself and has cleaning checks to ensure it is constantly up to mark. As for the fish, their health is closely monitored.

This is to ensure there are no problems and they are all healthy and behaving normally. 

Additionally, Airports are largely famed for being places where time doesn’t pass. This aquarium aims to be a piece of the sea in the airport.

Therefore, the time-stop law doesn’t apply.

Lightning Of Aquarium

The lighting in the aquarium simulates actual sunlight conditions using 16 halogen daytime lights during the day. It also has 10 LED lights to simulate nighttime conditions and recreate moonlight.