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Selling on Souq KSA After The Amazon Takeover

BusinessSelling on Souq KSA After The Amazon Takeover

It has been quite some time since Amazon took over in Saudi Arabia. While the acquisition process was pretty easy to deal with as sellers, the actual impact still was unclear about selling on Souq ksa.

If you want to become an e-seller in KSA through Souq- or now- there might be quite a few questions in your mind.

This article will address some key differences, pros and cons, and how to become an e-seller on

Souq KSA – What Happened? 

In case you missed it, Amazon bought Saudi’s biggest e-selling platform, Souq, in a $580 million deal last year. As a result of the performance, all souq seller IDs, buyer IDs, and platforms got converted into Amazon ones.

Souq users didn’t even have to download a different app! The company’s side did all of it to avoid unnecessary labor on the buyers and sellers. 

Now, Souq goes by and is controlled by Amazon owners. While you can still sign up to Souq as a seller, really, you’ll be selling on 

Souq KSA – What Changed? 

There were a few changes, considering sellers weren’t selling on Souq KSA anymore.

► The website was rebranded to one with the Amazon layout, and users can interact and shop there.

► Users also have the option to switch between English and Arabic for browsing.

► Product selection and can order from a variety of different places in the Middle East and all over the globe.

► Moreover, buyers also have a much larger variety of products to choose from. From plane tickets to electronics to toiletries, you can get it all.

► With the signature’ top products’ section also available, users have a much more interactive and well-rounded shopping experience.

► There are new delivery options available, too. Buyers can opt for same-day delivery (with extra charges) or next-day delivery if they choose. 

► For sellers, the opportunity is golden. With this expansion, sellers have access to not only the Saudi Arabian market but also the global market.

► You can sell in any market in the world and have the opportunity to rank globally and expand your business to an incredibly large extent with no website building or anything required.

► Selling on Amazon, especially globally, is highly profitable since it reduces many fixed costs for you while maximizing profit and giving you access to a much larger pre-existing consumer base. 

With all these in mind, this is the ideal time to do so if you’re looking to sell on Souq.

It gives you the most significant market and platform compared to local selling sites, reduces costs on your side, helps boost profits, and allows you to rank internationally. 

So, how do you do it? 

How To Sign Up to Sell on Souq KSA/

Now, as a seller, we’re sure you’re wondering how to go about adapting to this takeover of Souq KSA. The process is, surprisingly, pretty simple.

Follow these next couple steps, and you can get back into the business in practically no time at all!

However, one big thing you need to consider is that Amazon does not accept registrations from individual sellers only if you are a good brand should you begin this venture.

► To begin selling on, first go to the website itself and click on “sell on Amazon.” Here, go forward with “Register Now,” through which you’ll get redirected to a registration page. Fill in your name, email, etc.

► Following registration and verification, you will be consulted regarding the further process and registration; fill in all the information required on your end. At this point, you have completed the entire procedure. Now, you will be provided with your own seller account. 

► However, there’s more work to do before accepting orders. We’d firstly recommend making your store attractive to customers, so build a store homepage with a template that stands out. Construct your store pages and add content tiles.

► Now, finally, upload your products. You’ll soon start receiving orders as your brand establishes its presence in Saudi Arabia and even abroad!

The Benefits 

The benefits of this takeover are endless! To start with:

► Saudi Arabia is a country with the third-largest population in the Middle East and the second-largest internet user population.

► This move will drive immense amounts of traffic to SA’s eCommerce region and lead to a much bigger market for you.

► Furthermore, for sellers in Saudi Arabia, this couldn’t have had better timing. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic rendered offline ways of selling pretty much useless. Soon, Amazon’s services will open up possibilities for Saudi Arabian sellers to maximize profits far more than ever before!

► Amazon has had a history of giving markets space for selling. At its very conception, Amazon quickly became the central source through which to buy books.
To do so, it opened its doors and provided infrastructure to bookstores for selling more easily.
Similarly, right now, rather than destroying competition, Amazon is creating space to make it more efficient. With Souq KSA and Amazon under the same roof, space for customer choice will increase twofold. 

► For customers, this is magnificent for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it offers you a much more increased range of products.

► Amazon has also ensured that next-day delivery on all orders over SAR200 (53.30 USD). This is by tying up with Saudi Post, one of the region’s best delivery service agencies.

With this development, Amazon will create space for better delivery in Saudi Arabia than it has ever seen.


We hope you found this interesting and helpful for starting your selling journey on Amazon. For more content like this, check out our website. Good luck!