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Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia: Your Gateway to Exclusive Deals and More

TechAmazon Prime in Saudi Arabia: Your Gateway to Exclusive Deals and More
  1. What is Amazon Prime?
  2. Is Prime available in Saudi Arabia?
  3. How to sign up for Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia?
  4. How much does Prime cost in Saudi Arabia?
  5. What payment methods are accepted for Amazon Originals in Saudi Arabia?
  6. What are the benefits of Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia?
  7. Popular Arabic Amazon Prime Shows
  8. How is the customer service of Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime views on your screens also as Prime Video is one of the top streaming video subscription channels. Moreover, Amazon is known for the free and fast shipping of goods and access to exclusive deals.

Furthermore, The site widely distributes TV series, movies, live sports, events, and stand-up shows. Amazon serves as the distributor and controller of the over-the-top media service provider. They serve worldwide, streaming videos on demand, and are known to be involved in digital distribution.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription platform. Viewers can subscribe monthly and yearly according to their preferences. When shopping meets entertainment, the combination benefits all. This is what Amazon provides its 150 million paid members worldwide. 

Is Prime available in Saudi Arabia?

Prime benefits are also available in Saudi Arabia. Amazon Prime was launched in KSA in 2017. 

With 12 operational Amazon sites in different regions of Saudi Arabia, Amazon plans to expand more of its business. Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca & Medina, Dammam, Jizan, Abha, AlHofoof and ElQaseem, all are Amazon sites. Between 2022-24 new site launches are in the plans. The launch of Amazon E-commerce promises success in Retail Growth in Saudi Arabia. 

How to sign up for Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia?

Sign up through exclusively for users residing in Saudi Arabia. Amazon Prime-eligible users can enjoy PRIME FREE for up to 30 days before paying for it.

The trial period leads to an automatically paid subscription plan after the end of the trial period. If you plan on not continuing the membership, you will have to END your FREE trial. All you need is a MADA card or an eligible credit card with a billing address to sign up. 

How much does Prime cost in Saudi Arabia?

The same rules apply for KSA members to monthly or annually subscribe. The monthly fees are SAR 16, while SAR 140 is for the year. There aren’t any additional cancellation charges. 

What payment methods are accepted for Amazon Originals in Saudi Arabia?

There are various options that are accepted as payment methods for Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia. You can get the membership by paying through any electronic payment method, which is as follows;

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • American Express
    • MasterCard
  • Debit Cards
    • MADA
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
  • Net Banking
  • Amazon Pay Balance
  • Gift Cards Gift cards, Promo codes, and vouchers are also available to some users.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia?

Bringing you the list of benefits that come with your Amazon Prime video subscription are as follows:

  • Saudi Amazon users benefit from a vast selection of TV shows, Movies, and Amazon Originals.
  • Enjoy unlimited streaming of content, including Arabic options, on Prime Video.
  • Prime Video offers genre-specific shows and personalized suggestions for various age groups.
  • Signing up for Prime is a worthwhile investment, as it provides an extensive library of shows to keep you entertained for years.

Here are some great shows that gained popularity as Arabic Amazon Prime shows. To name a few shows, El Malky, Al Ekhteyar, Al Rahma, Tawq Al Banat, Layalina 80, and Noor Riyadh are a must-watch. We’ll take you into further detail about them to help you make a pick so that you can sign up and start watching!

El Malky

The storyline for this show revolves around an ambitious man looking to work and devote his career to becoming a millionaire. This drama takes you back to the 1950s. 

El Ekhteyar 

The drama is based on a special forces officer who leads a group of soldiers to train them against terrorism. Endless military operations will keep you hooked.

Al Rahma

Al Rahma is about a woman with various challenges and hardships. Now, the interesting part is how she fights and tackles them. 

Tawq Al Banat

The genre of this show is rom-com, romantic comedy. A group of women meet at a cooking class, become friends, and hang out as friends in the series.

Layalina 80

Layalina 80 takes you back to the 1980s. A turbulent time in the Middle East makes a family struggle. The story revolves around their complicated history and escalating problems.

Noor Riyadh

Noor Riyadh is a documentary series that revolves around the Noor Riyadh festival. Exploration of all forms of light art installations makes the festival of light show very interesting.

Free and fast shipping

You can enjoy a free one-day delivery on some eligible items. Not just that, eligible items internationally can be free shipped to you on orders over 200 SAR. Members praise the free and fast shipping service of Amazon.

Exclusive Offers

What adds to the charm are their promotions and lightning deals that offer discounts for Amazon members. Early access to the deals can help you get your goods at a great market price. 

Prime Music

Providing access to great playlists and millions of soundtracks, Prime Music lets you download songs for offline playback and listen to ad-free music—multiple problems; one-step solution: Amazon Prime. 

Twitch Prime

Just when you think the Amazon perks are over. Let us enlighten you with another benefit that comes with the Amazon subscription. Attention all gamers, you can now go ad-free, viewing and playing hassle-free. Twitch Prime lets you have a variety of gaming content with discounts and more, along with an ad-free viewing feature. 

Amazon reading 

Magazines, E-Books, and comics all in one place, Amazon Prime reading platform. There are no due dates or extra fees, just peaceful reading on any device, exclusively for Saudi Amazon members. Amazon Prime Reading is a rotating selection of reading matters to serve all Amazon Prime members in Saudi Arabia.

How is the customer service of Amazon Prime?

Besides the various offers and exclusive deals for its users, Amazon stands out because of its customer service. Easy and free returns, refunds, and 24×7 customer support win hearts. 

Take from the discussion that Amazon Prime in Saudi Arabia is proving its success as much as the rest of the world, with a wide range of benefits for Saudi users, exclusive deals and offers, and one multi-purpose platform. Your time & money are both important for investment. Hence, Amazon Prime provides entertainment with online shopping all under one Prime quality service.