Saudi Arabia’s New Launch – Free Stopover Visa

Saudi Arabia makes a new move to make the country more accessible and a destination to stop by during their travel.

Saudi Arabia makes a new move to make the country more accessible and a destination to stop by during their travel. They mostly prove it when they aim to encourage and expand the tourism sector. What could their initiative be now? 

Saudi Stopover Visa for up to 96 hours (4-Days)

Saudi Arabia’s ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA), as part of the Saudi Vision 2030, welcomes the world to not only explore authentic Arabia and experience the Arabian culture for up to 96 hours on your way to the final destination. 

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This works in breaking up your long-haul flight to serve as a much-needed adventurous break.

Furthermore, you can tour the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Al Badah, Jeddah, and Al Turaif District, Diriyah, Riyadh. Moreover, offering transit visas allows travelers to make full use of their business trips to the region and perform Umrah rituals. 

Visitors must also know that on applying for Saudi free transit Visa they are in for another treat, A complimentary hotel stays for one night. 

How much are the Stopover Visa fees?

Travelers who plan to obtain entry visas traveling to the Kingdom need to know that the first-of-its-kind Saudi stopover electronic visa is free of charge! 

The Stopover visa is accessible to the countries who book their travels with SAUDI airlines or Flynas

With the traveler’s ticket, The Stopover Visa is issued right away. 

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How much is the Validity of the Saudi Visa? 

The Stopover Visa allows travelers from all over the world to stay in the Kingdom for almost four days, up to 96 hours. It gives the passengers enough time to explore the spiritual and historical sites of Saudi Arabia. 

Moreover, it allows you to practice the Umrah ritual other than the tourism purposes.

Who can apply for the Stopover Visa?

Any passenger who books a flight with Saudi airlines or Flynas and requires a stopover for tourism purposes, to visit the holy cities of Makkah & Medina, or to perform Umrah, can avail of the free stopover visa. 

Travelers applying for the stopover visa for the sake of the Umrah pilgrimage need to know that they must also register through the Nusuk platform

How to apply for a Free Saudi Transit Visa?

A free electronic Saudi stopover visa is applied digitally when booking a travel ticket with Saudi and Flynas airlines

International passengers should first book their travel tickets. Upon booking, they will see an option that says if they wish to apply for a transit visa or not avail of it.

If you answer yes to the Visa, further processing will start, and you will be redirected to fill out the form for the Visa on the Ministry of foreign affairs website. 

The Unified National Visa platform receives the application to work it further. Applicants receive digital visas through emails. Visitors can stroll through the Kingdom by availing of convenient customized 24, 36, 72 & 96 hourly plans. 

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Chairman of the Board and Minister of the Tourism Authority, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, believes that the new stopover visa proves Saudia’s commitment to developing and encouraging growth in the tourism sector.

He further added that on our national carriers, the Visa opens for business, leisure, or Umrah for travelers passing through Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he shows his firm belief that Saudi Arabia will become one of the leading global tourist destinations. 

Chief executive & Board Member of the Tourism of Saudi Arabia, Fahd Hamidaddin, also shared some words on the launch of a first-of-its-kind stopover Visa.

He explains how Saudi Arabia is committed to a seamless travel experience for visitors. He further added in collaboration with SAUDI and Flynas, Saudia’s national air carriers.

They’re using digital platforms to provide electronic stopover visas, which increases Saudi’s accessibility and top-notch destination offering. 

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Saudi Arabia brings on several reforms in visa policies. In order to become a leading global travel destination, they are making sure the tourists have a memorable experience by making a 4-day stop in the Kingdom.

Per the Saudi Vision 2030, its scheme aims to open doors for tourists to experience the Kingdom’s religious treasures and explore Saudi rituals.

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