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How to Get an Umrah Performance Certificate

Jawazat & MOIHow to Get an Umrah Performance Certificate

So you’re done with Umrah and now want a proper document to certify this experience. Many pilgrims wonder how to get an Umrah performance certificate. If you’re one of them, keep on reading!

Once you’ve completed the Umrah rites, you can get the Umrah completion certificate through the Nusuk application. For those who are new to the process, the following step-by-step guide should be of help: 

Step One: Download the Application

The first step is to get the Nusuk application on your phone. There are usually two options here: 

  • For iPhone and iOS users, to download the link, Click Here.   

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Step Two: Sign In

Once the Nusuk application is on your phone, you will get the option to select your preferred language. 

After this, you will have to enter your Absher Iqama number and password. This will sign you into the app. Remember to use the same ID that is joined to your Umrah permit

Step Three: Start the Process

To get the Umrah completion certification through the app, you must go through the following actions: Open the app.

  • Click on ‘Permits’
  • Select the tab with the title ‘Passed Permits.’
  • Click on the Umrah permit that should show up.
  • On the Umrah permit, click on ‘View details’ – this will open up a page with all the details of the Umrah: the name of the pilgrim, their Umrah timings, a QR Code, etc.
  • There will be an ‘Issue Certificate’ button at the bottom of the details page; click on this.
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Step Four: Provide the Details

After you specify that you want the Umrah completion certificate, the Nusuk application will inquire if the user has performed Umrah. You will conduct the following: 

  • Select ‘Yes’ when asked, ‘Have you completed your Umrah obligations?’.
  • This should open up a window with a congratulatory message and more buttons.
  • Click on the’ Issue Certificate’ button.
  • This should open an image depicting your Umrah completion certificate
  • Browse through the various designs available for the certificate
  • Select the preferred design for your Umrah certificate
  • Click on the button that says ‘Issue Certificate’ again.

After these steps, you should get a page with the message that your Umrah completion certificate was successfully issued. 

Step Five: Send it to Others

Once you have the Umrah certificate on your app, you can share it with others. This will allow you to announce Umrah’s completion and serve as a memory of this spiritual journey. 

Almost any messaging application is applicable for sending the Umrah certificate. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or some other application for this purpose

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The process of getting an Umrah performance certificate is a fairly simple one. The Nusuk app makes it especially easy to get this certificate with just a few clicks. The steps should go smooth