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The Delight of Dyler: Saudia’s Youngest Star

LifestyleThe Delight of Dyler: Saudia’s Youngest Star

It is no secret that younger people are becoming more innovative every day. The famous Youngest Star in Saudi Arabia and a YouTuber, Dyler, are proof of that.

Born Abdulaziz Aldjlah in Saudi Arabia, Dyler always showcased an interest in social media and YouTube.

All of it paid off, as now he is one of the most popular (and one of the youngest) personalities in Saudi Arabia. 

Dyler did this by understanding how the Internet and trendsetting work. It was lucky that he liked the same things that would make him famous.

That, coupled with some social media promotions, landed him millions of followers in the span of a few months.

He made videos that gained traction, like his song ‘Madrasah,’ and appealed to the mass audience. On YouTube, that is children aged from 5 to 17. 

Video Courtesy: Dyler | دايلر

Early Life and Career 

Born May 15, 2001, in Saudi Arabia, Dyler had a pretty normal childhood. He has an elder sister, Hala, a social media star, and two younger brothers.

While Dyler was always interested in social media, it wasn’t until he was 12 years old that he made a YouTube account.

Like many kids his age, he posted time-relevant content like gaming videos, reaction videos, and musicals.(now known as TikTok). 

After some time, this channel managed to accumulate quite a few views. Finally, with 1.4 million views and about 630,000 followers, Dyler decided it was time to take the next step.

So, on December 20, 2016, Dyler created his second channel, ‘Dyler.’ At this point, he realized that the market in Saudi Arabia could be captured more easily. So, he started posting videos in Arabic. 

Dyler: The Second Channel and Claim to Fame

The sheer popularity of the channel was awe-inspiring. In a few short months, the channel had millions of views. The number of followers quickly overtook that of his previous one.

Then, he started posting music along with the usual YouTube videos, which made him all the more popular.

Video Courtesy: Dyler | دايلر

This was when the much-famous ‘Madrasah’ and ‘Samoly’ came into being. Both songs gained him immense popularity and over 70 million views combined on these few videos alone. 

He would often also bring his sister, Hala, on camera. Hala herself is a social media influencer on Instagram as ‘thehala’ with over 2 million followers. This turned out to be a pretty decent decision as the sudden rise in both siblings’ popularity shot up.

The most famous video with her on his channel is ‘Embarrassing Questions With My Sister Hala.’ Not just that but it is also one of the most popular videos on his channel overall. 

Other than his sister, Dyler often recruited other YouTube stars and appeared in other creators’ videos.

As a result of this, he is well acquainted with most YouTubers from the same side of Youtube as his, like internationally famous Jacob Sartorius, Loren Gray, and many others. 

Other Appearances and Interests

Aside from Youtube, Dyler is also very popular on Instagram. With about 2.8 million followers, Dyler posts quite often about his life. His interest in cars is also very apparent on his social media.

Dyler has an entire Instagram highlight dedicated to just his vehicular interest. He is also popular on Twitch, a streaming website used primarily for gaming. 

However, his interests don’t stop there. He is incredibly interested in music and making it, to be more specific. His earlier hits were more adolescent experimentation primarily meant to garner more views.

He chose a more freestyle rap style with topics relatable to younger people, such as school and other generationally shared interests. These music videos were less about self-expression and more about popularity.

The YouTube generation adores music with repeating verses that are easy to understand, catchy, and memorable. That is precisely what his earlier music was. 

That music got him a fan following, established him as a creator, and even got him opportunities to sing live.

However, since then, his style has matured a lot more and found itself on surer ground. His latest song, ‘Qissa Hazina,’ released a week ago, is in sharp contrast to his earlier music. With a more mellow beat and slower verses, he created something softer and more relaxing. 

Aside from music and cars, Saudi’s Youngest Star is also very popular for motivational speaking. He is the youngest motivational speaker in the Kingdom and pretty amazing at it, too.

His speeches usually tend to get quite an audience, and it’s not that big of a surprise. Tyler made himself a name at a very young age and has the relevant experience.

More than that, his YouTube channel and live performances made him quite adept at performing in front of people, thus overcoming stage anxiety. 

He is a recipient of the ‘Arab Social Media Award’ due to his status as a social media influencer and a motivational speaker. 

Current Youtube Career 

For anyone who has seen him at the peak of his career in 2017/18 and now, the difference is very evident. As Tyler grew, so did his channel.

The lighting is softer and more aesthetic than bright, all over the place. While still adhering to trends, the humor is put out in a more mature form.

His content is calmer, even though it retains the presiding elements of his earlier content. Even the editing is smoother, less in the face and more snappy, collected, and visually better.

He gained considerable fame at the age of 16. Now that he is almost 20, it makes sense that his content has changed.

Both his music, what he puts on Instagram, and what he uploads on Youtube is something someone his age would.

It is not something someone trying to hold on to his teenage years would do. This is exactly what sets him apart from many creators who rose to fame in their younger years. 

While many creators try to hold on to the content that got them the most popularity, Dyler made sure it grew with him. This is a risky move, but it is much more admirable and one that has paid off in his case.

It just goes to show how sharp, smart, and calculating one has to be on social media. What looks as simple as uploading a photo to us actually has a lot going on behind the scenes.

It is clear to see the genius in his actions. First, he utilized his rhymes and free verses to captivate his audience. Then, he kept them there with the latest trendy videos.

Now, he makes sure his content stays according to his liking and is also appealing to the masses. It’s decision-making like this that defines the intellect of the newer generations.

Those who grew up with social media fully understand how it works, how to make it work for you, and what to do to get fame and keep it. Everyone wants to be famous, but very few of us have what it takes to be famous too.  

You can find Saudi’s Youngest Star “Dyler”, on Youtube and Instagram.

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