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Dubai Bling Season 1- Everything You Need To Know

LifestyleDubai Bling Season 1- Everything You Need To Know

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From celebrity sightings to jaw-dropping displays of wealth, Dubai Bling Season 1 has it all over. Be ready for a glimpse into the lavish lives of Dubai’s elite and drama that will keep you hooked.

Streaming on Netflix, Dubai Bling is a reality TV show revolving around wealthy lifestyles and participants with dramatic lifestyles. Made with the classic recipe of a cliched reality TV show, Dubai Bling also has all the catfights, opulent parties, and participants with many worldly needs. 

Dubai Bling Season 1 in a glance

This show has eight episodes in season 1. All the episodes are 45 to 50 minutes. Click the link given to Watch the show on Netflix.

For being claimed by Netflix as a reality show, Dubai Bling seems scripted. It walks us through the lives of many people with different professions. 

However, despite having separate careers, they all share something in common. They all have lavish lifestyles, own private jets, and prefer high-end clothing and fine dining. The show, overall, revolves around extravagant displays of wealth.

Dubai Bling Cast 

A reality show filled with drama gives us an insight into the daily lives of some notable people from diverse backgrounds. 

Zeina Khoury

Lebanese-born women from Dubai have dipped their hands in fortune through their hard work. A celebrity, entrepreneur, and social media star, Ziena dubs herself the “Queen of Versace.” Ziena is the CEO and Founder of High Mark Real Estate, which deals in luxury brokerage, and her appearance in Dubai Bling won everyone’s hearts.

Ebraheem al Samadi

Ebraheem is a Kuwaiti millionaire who grew up in the US. The richest cast member of the show, Ebraheem’s main business is Forever Rose, which produces roses that can last years without sunlight and water. Ebraheem has been involved in business and entrepreneurship since his early days. Working his way through luxury hotels, Samadi got into the flower industry. Soon, his Forever Rose empire grew worldwide, making him the entrepreneur and visionary he is today.

Kris Fade

Fade is an Australian-Lebanese Radio Host. He is a part of the Bling cast along with Brianna Ramirez, his wife. He is also known for his radio show, The Kris Fade Show, which airs on Virgin Radio Dubai.

Kris is more commonly known for his radio show, The Kris Fade Show, but Kris is more than that. A celebrity, philanthropist, and TV show host, Fade never stays away from the limelight. Kris has also hosted the UAE version of the “X Factor” reality show and the Dubai International Film Festival.

His philanthropy has seen him be involved with the Special Olympics World Games and the Kris Fade Show Millionaire, where he raises money and funds for charitable causes around the UAE.

Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran is not new to the media spotlight, having been a successful host of the “Arab’s Got Talent” and “Saba al Khair Ya Arab.” He also has a significant social media presence. She often uses these platforms to raise voices for women’s empowerment and social causes.

Omran has won several awards throughout her career, including the Arab Women of the Year award in 2017 and the Best Female TV Presenter award at the Saudi Social Media Awards in 2018.

Loujain Adadah

Also known as LJ, she is a model and a mother to two daughters.

Safa Siddiqui

Safa is an Iraqi-British socialite. Having a flair for fashion, she aspires to have her own fashion collection one day.

Danya Mohammed

She is a vlogger married to DJ Bliss, also a part of the Dubai Bling cast.

Farhana Abodi

Abodi is an Indian by birth and was raised in South Africa. She is also a social media influencer and the founder of the brand “I Woman of The World.” 

DJ bliss

He is also known as DJ Bliss and is the only Emirati in the show.

Drama and Stereotypes

The show also hangs around unnecessary drama and stereotypes. One example is when Safa demands to shift to a larger house for more room for her clothes and bags. Also, remember that she requires this from her husband while living in a luxurious five-bedroom house. 

Throughout the reality TV show, all participants whine over trivial problems. Unnecessary drama over minor issues also makes the show dull. Moreover, the viewers also find it difficult to overlook the lack of gratitude among the participants. Everyone in Dubai Bling fails to acknowledge their privileges or the distressing realities around them. This ignorance of the participants adds to the absurdity of the show.

To add to the cliches of the show, we can also see how they have stereotyped women. Dubai Bling shows everything from a dim-witted blonde to a gold digger. The reality TV show producers mainly choose the women for their obsession with money, image, and gossip. While the drama can be amusing to watch, it does not add to the show’s quality. 

Views and Ratings

However, this did not stop people from all over the world from watching the show. From the day Netflix streamed the show in October, it became among the top 10 most-watched shows on Netflix. Despite the increasing number of views, it has a low IMBd rating of 3.6. 

One of the many reasons this show is not getting a higher rating is that the fans can not relate to the cast of Dubai Bling. The model focuses more on showing off their luxurious lifestyle and wealth and creating more drama. While the glamour attached to the posh lifestyle does attract people, it gets monotonous after a while. 

Dubai Bling is an exaggerated portrayal of the reality of Dubai. While people love flaunting their wealth, Dubai Bling shows only selective sides of Dubai. People in Dubai are indeed wealthy. However, most of the population does not belong to the upper class. 

This show focuses more on the glitz and glamour attached to Dubai rather than showcasing the realities of Dubai in its most authentic form. This, therefore, makes the show more unrelatable, dull, and less enjoyable.